Art Assistance: Sal Ponce-Enrile Aims To Help And Inspire In Her 3rd Show - Arts & Culture

Proceeds from her works go to different charities that aid communities in need during these challenging times.

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“We need beauty now more than ever,” says Sal Ponce-Enrile. The Congresswoman turned artist wishes to impart this message through her third solo exhibit at Art Elaan, which opened at Ayala Malls Manila Bay over the weekend.

Titled as “Transformation,” the show gives a glimpse of Ponce-Enrile’s inspirations as a novel artist. With these works, she explores her creative expression by experimenting with various forms and techniques. This gave her to have a broader perspective, allowing her to create with more intention and confidence.

“Transformation” is a hallmark of her artistic identity, carrying the message that art is never stagnant.

Ponce-Enrile says that the painting “Woman on a Train” is her favorite from the collection. “You don’t see her lips, but her eyes tell the story, where she’s going, how she’s feeling at that particular moment, and giving the audience a pondering moment to guess her emotions,” she explains. “Is she smiling, sad, or tired? I find that beautiful.”

Her painting “Vision,” on the other hand, was inspired from a dream, which she felt compelled to express on a canvas upon waking. “I like it because it affirms my artistic process where inspirations come from everything around me,” Ponce-Enrile explains.

“Woman on a Train”

Helping hand

Ponce-Enrile’s pieces are displayed and collected by patrons all over the world, including Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK, and Dubai. In the US, her works can be found in Soho and Manhattan in New York and California. Recently, her pieces were bought by an NBA player and a local prolific art collector family.

For this new exhibit, Ponce-Enrile hopes guests leave the show feeling refreshed and inspired in these troubled times.

“To be more pragmatic, the global health crisis left several individuals and communities in dire conditions,” she adds. “Proceeds of my shows all go to different charities as my way of helping, one artwork at a time.”“Transformation” runs through March 31 at Art Elaan. The gallery is located on the 2nd Floor of Filipino Village, Ayala Malls Manila Bay. To see more of the artist’s works, visit

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