Embody Confidence and Passion with the Bespoke Suits of Salvo Women

In the corporate landscape, women commonly wear high-neck blouses or long-sleeved shirts over pencil skirts and pumps. Yet the advent of power suits expanded women’s options for dressing up to work. While suits continue to debunk stereotypes on what women can wear, it is quite difficult to find a suit that fits their body shape. From catering to men, Salvo Tailor established Salvo Women to create bespoke suits and topcoats for women. It is now possible to find a suit that perfectly fits them, feeling confident as they excel in their field.


Samantha Richelle and Rocio Olbes-Ressano wearing Salvo Women suits.

The power suit

Before suits for women became a convention, the fashion industry witnessed the risks iconic women took to break style stereotypes. Actress Sarah Bernhardt was the first woman to break ground with her “boys’ clothes” or a trouser suit for her role in Hamlet. In 1914, Coco Chanel designed the first female suit: a fur-trimmed jacket over an ankle-length skirt. Later on, Katharine Hepburn became controversial in the 1940s for her slack suit worn in Picturegoer magazine. In the following years, more women came to wear different kinds of suits like a formal tuxedo, a pantsuit, and the vibrant power suit of the ’80s with shoulder pads.

The suit-wearing woman became an embodiment of confidence and blurring of gender stereotypes. Vice best explains it, “These big-shouldered jackets and pants disguised a woman’s figure and took the focus off her gender, creating a feeling of authority as the traditional sex roles continued to blur.”

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Salvo Women brand ambassadors Samantha Richelle and Rocio Olbes-Ressano.

Strong-willed and passionate women

Among Salvo Women’s ambassadors is international designer Samantha Richelle. Her eponymous label creates “easy streetwear and no-nonsense structured pieces.” A woman passionate about sustainable fashion, Samantha strongly upholds environment-conscious acts on her brand. They produce limited pieces, use recycled materials for their packaging, and provide fair pay to employees.

Well-known socialite, philanthropist, and model Rocio Olbes-Ressano also represents the Salvo Women brand. With many magazine covers and features in international glossies like Vogue Italia under her belt, Rocio remains humble and driven to help people. She does this with her livelihood program BarsToBears, educational seminars The ‘Teh Talks, and musical concert fundraisers (together with JonJon Rufino). These has benefitted children’s education and cancer research and counselling. This year, she will focus on raising awareness in saving marine life.

Both Rocio and Samantha are not only perfect to represent Salvo Women. They are powerful, passionate, and inspiring on their own, true role models every woman must look up to.

To book an appointment, email [email protected], or follow their Instagram @salvowomen. Salvo Women is located at 7838 Makati Ave. Brgy Poblacion, Makati City.

Photos from Salvo Women.

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