Stefano Ricci Upholds "100% Made in Italy" Philosophy in His Designs

Among the wealthiest communities in Florence is Fiesole, an architectural landmark with stunning views, monasteries, and ruins from the Roman times. Italy’s rich families live here, including Stefano Ricci, a maestro who works with a group of artisans to turn materials like crocodile leather and handprinted silk into the finest suits, ties, and accessories. Ricci solemnly upholds his “100% Made in Italy” philosophy, certifying the stellar quality of his creations.

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Light two-button jacket and classic sneakers. (Photo from Stefano Ricci)

Italy as the center

The “Made in Italy” philosophy goes beyond the source of materials and the production process. Ricci’s company preserves the culture and heritage of his beloved home Italy. Among his efforts is the acquisition of Antico Setificio Fiorentino. It is a historic mill with antique handlooms that produced fabrics since the late 1700s. For the brand’s 40th and 50th anniversary, they staged shows in Uffizi Gallery and Sala Bianca of the Palazzo Pitti. Italy highly regards the former as an important museum, while the latter is where the first-ever fashion show in Italy was held.

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Inside the store in Italy. (Photo from Stefano Ricc)

Bringing Italy to Manila

STEFANO RICCI opened its first store in the country at Solaire Resort & Casino. Figures of the Royal Eagle welcomes new clients, the emblem of the brand symbolizing honor, power, and pride. Charles Baudelaire’s poem “L’Homme et la Mer” inspires one of the collections. The poem is about explorers with a passion for yachting. To bring this to life, silk ties, formal suits, and sportswear take on shades of blue, reminiscent of the Tuscan sea. To add interesting contrast, there are pops of orange and syrah red on the rest of the designs. The vivid colors and the exquisite quality of the brand’s style pieces suit the most dashing gentlemen.

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