Get In Shape With Sophisticated and Luxurious Activewear

Whether you are heading to your gym or sneaking in a quick jog before a busy day, what you wear is essential. Before throwing on sweats and track pants, consider the intensity of your workout and how your activewear can support your movements. Apart from prioritizing comfort, it is also good to wear something that can show your style like sophisticated and luxurious sportswear. From Versace’s signature gold prints to the elegant, corset-like pieces of Ernest Leoty, invest in these activewear brands as you get in shape.

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Greca Border top and leggings. (Photos from Versace)


Versace’s activewear carries its signature luxury look with its elegant and striking designs. Savage Barocco and Greca Border prints over the black colors of the activewear make for an opulent visual. For men’s collection, there are Jaguar prints and Medusa Gloss, a subtle technicolor shine on gym jackets and pants. The designs and materials are simply impeccable; you can even wear the pieces on a casual stroll.

Ernest Leoty

Drawing from a Parisian sensibility, Leoty’s sportswear focuses on flattering lines and shapes. It features a feminine look, inspired by the beautiful corsets that Leoty used to make. Among the brand’s bestsellers are their Ilona bodysuits and Corset bra and leggings with contrasting lines that define your body shape.

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Taking the concept of clothes as a second-skin, the activewear of Silou performs in gyms and for the rest of the day. With its moisture-wicking yet soft fabric, you would not need to worry about going all out in your dance lessons, yoga sessions, and spinning classes. Silou’s tailormade creations keep up with a modern woman’s lifestyle.

Fendi white track pants. (Photos from Fendi)


While Fendi may be known for its iconic Baguette bag, the luxury brand also has its line of elegant activewear. From black and white colors to vibrant hues like red and pinks, these sportswear pieces carry the signature high quality of the brand’s creations. Whether you are staying indoors for a workout or heading out in the cold weather for a winter sport, Fendi has its array of sweatshirts, track pants, nylon jackets, and even earmuffs.


With contemporary sportswear appeal, Nagnata works with different artisans to highlight textiles, yarns, and natural dyes for their creations. The company focuses on innovative and sustainable fashion. This leads to the production of modern activewear with a nod to the style and bright colors of the ’90s.

Paco Rabanne black crop top, olive green leggings, bra, and black leggings. (Photos from Net-a-porter and Paco Rabanne)

Paco Rabanne

Minimalist style enthusiasts will love their Body Line collection for its simple and straightforward designs. Though these come in single solid colors, the brand incorporated its name on the waist of leggings, along the sides of pants, and straps of tank tops. This detail adds a modern look to the activewear without overcrowding it with prints or patterns.

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