The Great Equalizer: Sefriya Levels The Playing Field For Rest And Relaxation Among All Types Of Visitors - Travel

Even time needs to hibernate eventually.

When it does, its chosen space is the idyllic Sefriya Farm & Orchard in Batangas.

Nestled in the quiet community of Alitagtag, Sefriya acts as a haven for creation, restoration, and celebration.

It is an integrated flower farm that is at once a wellness and resort complex with a formal Italian-inspired local planting garden.

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

“Imagine waking up to this view. Unhurried, at ease, attuned,” Sefriya welcomes.

Divine by design

The 1.8-hectare property blends modern Italian architecture with tropical design. Its resulting marriage is blessed with wide fenestrations, natural lighting, and passive cooling.

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

“As you enter the gates…you are welcomed by our garden inspired by the Versailles, though at a much smaller scale,” Sefriya shares.

Even Mt. Maculot, visible from the Grand Pavilion, stands as a reminder that the universe is greater than all of us, dwarfing any stressors in terms of sheer magnitude.

Magical as it seems, the complex is a result of intentional master planning. The goal was to preserve the site’s distinct charm while retaining the indigenous terrain and existing vegetation.

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

“The whole property is a collection of inspirations from travels across the Mediterranean. Every nook and cranny is sprinkled with thoughtful details you are sure to enjoy,” Sefriya reflects.

Heaven’s waiting

Sefriya’s signature charm is its Liwasan garden, a 1,215-square-kilometer courtyard with a tiered garden fountain. It is the perfect outdoor spot that has served as a venue for many memorable celebrations.

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

The destination’s other attractions include the Tipanan, Cariñosa, Hiraya garden, Harana ballroom, and stone chapel.

Batangas artisans built most of the furniture that populate its interiors. This is in line with Sefriya’s goal to provide sustainable livelihood to the locals of Alitagtag.

In this manner, it becomes a slice of heaven for both guests and its surrounding community.

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

“Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery to remedy your burnt-out self. And what a definite scene Sefriya is!” the farm-orchard concludes.

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

Sefriya is located at Brgy. Ping-as, Alitagtag, Batangas. For more information, follow Sefriya on social media (

Photos by Paul Quiambao.

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