Shangri-La at the Fort Invites Everyone to Dine Once Again at Samba - LA Wine & Dine

Rediscover your favorite dishes as the Peruvian fusion restaurant Samba reopens its doors to the public.

One of the many things one might have missed in the months-long lockdown is an enjoyable evening out with good company over wine and conversation. Samba, one of Shangri-La at the Fort’s premier dining outlets, was an occasional haunt for Manila’s wine-and-dine aficionados. Whether a casual business meeting or an intimate tête-à-tête or perhaps a sophisticated family dinner, the Peruvian culinary sensation has provided an elegant backdrop coupled with an impressive line-up of gourmet dishes.

Promoting Safety Protocols and Hygienic Practices

As Manila slowly opens its doors to a public itching to reconnect, the Shangri-La Group welcomes guests with the same heartwarming enthusiasm but with optimistic caution for everyone’s safety. Entrances to each of its locations in the vicinity require temperature checks. Guests are tasked with answering a simple online questionnaire, which takes around a minute or two to finish.

The rules of engagement when dining in one of Shangri-La’s many culinary destinations are just as well-implemented for the benefit of its diners. Guests will appreciate the utmost care given in promoting safety protocols. As expected, all employees are required to wear personal protective equipment—a set of gloves, a face mask, and a face shield. Upon being seated, diners will notice that seating is arranged diagonally to lessen the risk of aerosol transmission. Personal serving utensils are provided and food servings are reduced to lessen chances of contact. These gestures from the food and beverage team, give restaurant visitors much-needed assurance that they are dining in a maintained environment that is clean and safe. Learn more about the hotel’s safety protocols here.

Shangri-La’s contactless solutions ensure employees’ and guests’ safety and security.

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Indulge in Authentic Peruvian Flavors

I had the pleasure of visiting Samba recently and experiencing their finely-made dishes over servings of their signature Pisco Sour. Of course, an evening at a Peruvian fusion restaurant would be incomplete without first having a generous plate of their ceviches. The Ceviche Limeno is a harmonized mix of Lapu Lapu, Shrimp, Octopus, Scallops, Calamari, Leche de Tigre, red onions, coriander sprouts, and cancha corn. For a gustatory homage to Peru’s Japanese influences, Tiradito de Salmon comes with sashimi-style Salmon, Lime Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Onion, Celery, Mushroom, and microgreens. Further in the course, is a well-cooked octopus, Anticucho de Pulpo, featuring sustainably sourced Octopus with panca pepper, roasted potatoes, and cocoa sauce. But if you’re leaning towards a break from the sea’s bounty, Pastel De Choclo is a Peruvian corn pie with beef tenderloin, aji panca, quail egg, and Zarza Criolla.

Tiradito de Salmon
Anticucho de Pulpo

As for the mains, I indulged in servings of Arroz con Mariscos (see first image), coined as the “Peruvian Paella.” The crowd-favorite is a delightful combination of calamari, octopus, shrimps, scallops, white wine, paprika creole seasoning, parmesan cheese, and coral butter. Opt for a taste of the cuisine’s Spanish influences with Aji de Gallina, a comforting dish of chicken breast, Aji Amarillo sauce, and Botija olives. The most emblematic and traditional of their Peruvian Criollo dishes, however, is Samba’s Lomo Saltado—a savory marriage of Chinese and Peruvian flavors. The entree highlights stir-fried US prime beef tenderloin with tomatoes, onions, soy sauce, and Andean potatoes. More than authentic Peruvian cuisine, a well-rounded dining experience can be expected at Samba with well-loved international favorites such as High Street Cafe’s Curry Laksa and Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar’s signature Darling Down Rib Eye Wagyu MS5 steak among many others.  

Aji de Gallina

By the end of the evening, I was fully satisfied with the sumptuous meal. Chef Carlo Huerta’s conceptual dishes make for a majestic play of flavors that entertain your taste buds from start to finish. And with the notable service excellence provided for by the Shangri-La Group, Samba’s formula for success is fully conceived. Revisit and remember the experience for yourself.

Chef Carlo Huerta

SAMBA is located at the 8th level of Shangri-La at the Fort Manila and is open from 11am to 9pm daily. For inquiries and reservations, follow and message Samba, Manila on Facebook, and Instagram, or visit

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