Slam Dunk: 10 NBA Stars to Spot in Netflix’s Hustle - The Scene

From its co-star Utah Jazz player Juancho Hernangómez to Shaq playing himself, you can take a shot for every NBA star you see.

Netflix’s Hustle, streaming now, must have been a dream to create for its star and executive producer, Adam Sandler. Known for being a massive hoops fan (who isn’t just a courtside regular but named his on-screen child in Blended ESPEN), the actor plays Stanley Sugerman, a talent scout for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Although the film’s co-executive producer and recent billionaire LeBron James stayed behind the scenes, Hustle featured plenty of big names from the league. From its co-star Utah Jazz player Juancho Hernangómez to Shaq playing himself, you can take a shot for every NBA star you see (but take it from us, you’d get loopy before you reach halfway). 

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Juancho Hernangómez

“Scottie Pippen and a wolf, if they had a baby,” is how Stanley described Hernangómez’s character, Bo Cruz. Currently playing for Utah Jazz after entering the NBA in 2016, the 26-year-old displayed his acting chops as Sandler’s co-star.

Mark Jackson

The former NBA player and Golden State Warriors coach made a cameo to comment on Bo’s in-game skills. Currently, Jackson is a game analyst for ESPN.  

Boban Marjanović

Credited in the movie like the “Big Serbian,” the Dallas Mavericks player was one of Sandy’s talented prospects in the opening scene. Marjanović, who stands at over seven feet, also appeared in 2019’s John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum, where he battles Keanu Reeves’ character in the New York Public Library. 

Shaquille O’Neal

While he’s not a stranger to appearing in Sandler films like Grown-Ups 2, Blended, and Hubie Halloween, this time, O’Neal played himself. The four-time NBA champion and MVP served as one of Bo’s favorite players he met through his journey. 

Allen Iverson

When Sandy turned to social media to make Bo’s skills viral, the former Philadelphia 76er shared approval himself. In a video for his Instagram page, Iverson said Bo doesn’t even need to practice. In 2001, Iverson was named MVP. At 6 feet, he’s the shortest player to win the title. 

Seth Curry

The Brooklyn Nets player and younger brother of Golden State’s superstar point guard Steph Curry show up to watch one of Bo’s games. With skills like his brother, Seth currently ranks third for three-point shooting percentage in NBA history. 

Dirk Nowitzki 

Upon meeting Bo, Stanley video calls Dallas Mavericks legend Nowitzki to prove he’s known within the league. The German native, who retired in 2019, is still the highest-scoring foreign player in the history of the NBA. 

James Goldstein

Although he’s not a player or a coach, the American businessman made a name for himself as a courtside regular who always shows up eccentrically dressed. Dubbed as the NBA’s biggest superfan, he also appeared in another basketball film, The Big Lebowski.

Doc Rivers

The real-life head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers played himself and appeared in the film’s latter part. Rivers won Coach of the Year after his coaching debut in 1999 with the Orlando Magic. 

Julius “Dr. J” Erving

To help Bo’s digital presence, one of the league’s greatest dunkers of all time showed up to pledge the newbie’s legitimacy. Erving’s 16-year career earned him three championships and four MVP awards.

Banner photo from @netflixph on Instagram.

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