Social Experiment: The Salvation Army Pays Tribute To Balenciaga's Paris Sneaker With Its Own "Truly Destroyed" Collection - Lookbook

This organization is not afraid to reference or not reference.

The Salvation Army has launched its limited-edition shoe collection inspired by Balenciaga’s “Full Destroyed” Paris Sneaker.

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Previously, Balenciaga released 100 pairs of its limited-edition “extra destroyed” sneakers finished with distressed canvas and rough edges to simulate a preworn look.

Balenciaga’s Paris Sneaker

The Dutch Salvation Army, Cloudfactory, and fashion photographer Carli Hermès have now created their nonprofit project “Truly Destroyed.” This is a shoe collection that aims to raise funds to “help people in need rebuild their lives.”

“The only difference is that our shoes are truly destroyed. Because they’ve been worn for months (in some cases years) by people living on the streets,” reads a post on the collection’s website.

These include boots, sneakers, heels, and all-purpose shoes that all value 1.45 euros (roughly $1.5) each.

Product details read “worn out to exhaustion,” “unsuitable for all weather types,” “painful fit,” and more.

A preview of The Salvation Army’s “Truly Destroyed” shoe collection

Paying tribute

Hermès has since clarified that they did not intend to malign Balenciaga’s campaign in any way.

“I’m not against Balenciaga’s destroyed sneakers at all. They did a great job grabbing everyone’s attention. But when I can help the homeless–the number seems to be rising again. With such a wonderful idea, I’m in,” Hermès said.

Creative directors Julio Alvarez and César García added that Balenciaga’s campaign proved to be a convenient jumping-off point for their own.

Alvarez further noted their respect for Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia’s vision.

“If anything, we’re thankful they decided to come up with the limited-edition sneakers described as ‘totally destroyed.’ Because that’s what sparked our idea: selling used sneakers worn by people living in the streets. Not treated to look destroyed, but truly destroyed, due to their tough life conditions. It gives us a nice springboard to bring a tougher reality to the news,” Alvarez said.

Photos via Balenciaga and Truly Destroyed websites

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