Stepping Out: Inspired by Beauty and Freedom, Puey Quiñones Launches a Shoe Collection with LennyLu - Lookbook

The collaboration was launched on the rooftop of Beverly Hills’ Sixty Hotel.

Puey Quiñones and LennyLu just recently launched their luxury shoe collection for fall in a well-attended event at the rooftop of Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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In attendance were Quinones, LennyLu brand owners Patrick F. Campbell and wife Marcia Souza along with celebrity collaborators Lauren Blake and Antje Utgaard.

“Thank you to those who came and apologies to those who were not able to enter the venue due to strict Beverly Hills capacity limit,” the designer says in an IG post.

The night began with a commercial presentation of the collection, which is called “deliverance,” a nod to its key themes of beauty and freedom. Presented among rosy pink and white flower arrangements that adorned the rooftop poolside, the shoes drew everyone’s attention.

Armed with a love of the arts and a talent for draping, embroidery, and hand-beading, Quiñones brought his prodigious skills and experience to Los Angeles. Since 2015, his creative leadership of Cocomelody has propelled the company to the forefront of the bridal fashion industry. 

His collaborator, LennyLu, was launched in 2014. It was created with the intention of creating comfortable, flexible shoes that deliver freedom, beauty, and versatility in one.

They envision a world where mothers can easily and confidently nurture the bonds they share with their daughters, through matching shoes that reflect your matching DNA, personalities, and souls.

From left: Patrick F. Campbell, Marcia Souza, Jamidah Ibrahim, Puey Quiñones, and Samantha Richelle / Photo by Vivien Killilea, courtesy of LennyLu

Aside from supporting marginalized communities with employment opportunities, LennyLu donates a portion of all proceeds to childhood education. They have partnered with to fulfill every child’s right to education.

Great turnout

At the event, Campbell thanked everyone for coming and praised the designs of collaborator Quiñones. The shoes were then showcased once again in a runway presentation with models walking around the poolside. They were accompanied by Blake and Utgaard who walked alongside them and rocked the runway with shoes that they individually picked and helped design. 

“It was a huge honor to be able to collaborate and create something beautiful and unique with LennyLu and Puey,” says Utgaard, “I’m excited to see how everything goes and hopefully do another collection soon.” 

Lauren Blake and Antje Utgaard / Photo by Vivien Killilea, courtesy of LennyLu

Blake adds that the event was absolutely incredible. “We had such a great turnout and lots of support from friends, the shoes were a hit, everyone said they loved them,” she says. “Working with them was a dream and such great collaborators.”

The success of this launch is all reflected in the craftsmanship of the brand and Quiñones as they once again deliver beautiful designs that express femininity and unleash the contemporary woman’s beauty from within. 

“The event was wonderful, we couldn’t have received a better reaction to the new line,” says Campbell.

“Lenny” / Photo by Vivien Killilea, courtesy of LennyLu

Throughout the night, guests were able to place exclusive factory direct orders. The public can get their pair through

Banner Photo courtesy of LennyLu

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