LOOK: The Highly-Anticipated Creations at the MEGA Fashion Week 2019

This year’s MEGA Fashion Week 2019 presented different fashion shows of highly-acclaimed designers. Puey Quiñones, Roland Alzate, and Noel Crisostomo featured their holiday collections. Each runway was a breathtaking show of unique silhouettes and inventive design techniques. Hundreds of style enthusiasts, personalities, and magazine editors flocked to One Canvas events place to witness the captivating shows. Each night was unforgettable, a gathering of passion for creativity, and refinement through distinctive styles.


Noel Crisostomo’s collection.

Noel Crisostomo

At this year’s MEGA Fashion Week, Noel once again highlighted women’s pieces with his holiday collection. He embraced textures and color combinations that still reflected his minimalist approach. What he restrained with the patterns, he made up with striking silhouettes. From prominent hues with floral patterns to monochromes adorned with long paillettes, the latest collection is stunning, romantic, and deliberate.

Bold and striking colors in luminous fabrics.
Deliberate patterns, textures, and details.
Dramatic tailoring and creative color combinations.

Roland Alzaté

After four years, Roland returned to the spotlight with an astonishing holiday collection. He took inspiration from the Art Deco paintings of wealthy aristocrats by the Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka. Roland married it with his passion for Cartier diamonds, imagining Tamara developing an obsession with it. The effect was a delightful journey of true luxury. Contemporary colors mix with the allure of vintage prints in sleek fabrics. The holiday line had audiences marveling at how Roland not only picked up where he left off but presented something beautiful and ingenious.

Contemporary and sleek designs.
Contrasting colors and commanding details.
Playful cuts in vibrant colors.

Puey Quiñones

Coming from his recently-concluded show in Los Angeles, Puey came back to the country with a similar attitude to design but new, sensational ideas. He designed for this year’s ABS-CBN Ball, and now he featured his holiday pieces in MEGA Fashion Week. The collection is a show-stopper with dresses that cascade like shimmering waters. Puey forwent detailed prints for this line and engaged with his signature complex tailoring and silhouettes. Every piece is astounding and deserved the cheerful applause that followed his runway show.

Creative design techniques.
Dramatic silhouettes in shimmering fabrics.
A unique combination of textures.

Photos by Kieran Punay and Ed Simon of Studio 100.

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