LA Asks: Where in the World have You Traveled to Recently?

Nothing beats witnessing new views and reuniting with loved ones after spending much time indoors.

As the world slowly opens to travel, many are starting to visit international destinations to reunite with friends or for those who live abroad, get out for some fresh air.

Thankfully, vaccine rollouts in other countries have been moving at a steady pace that as of writing, 3.16 billion doses have been administered. More people are now feeling at ease with traveling that we have spotted a few of society’s figures on their trips abroad.

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Cheryl Tiu

As an international journalist, it is no surprise to find Tiu moving from one destination to another, profiling people, hotels, restaurants, and other amazing places across the globe. Last month, she was spotted in Charleston, South Carolina.

Among the places she visited is the iconic Rainbow Row. This series of pastel-hued historic homes date back to the 18th century. Many speculations about the colors claim the brightness help drunk sailors find their way back home while others say these help identify the type of products the merchants sell.

No matter the actual reason, visitors flock to this most photographed landmark, and Tiu didn’t miss such an opportunity.

Kriska Ponce Enrile

Having moved to Italy 19 years ago, Ponce Enrile is already familiar with the astonishing sites (with Puglia as her favorite region)—from the beautiful frescoes of San Maurizio to the grand Duomo Di Milano.

As one of the largest cathedrals in the world, the Il Duomo took nearly six centuries to complete. With carved statues reaching the ceiling, long marble columns depicting religious scenes, and beautiful stained-glass windows, it is impossible not to be in awe of its Gothic architecture—the same way Ponce Enrile still does when she passes by.

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Baron-Soong with twin daughters Gabbie and Noelle.

Loralee Baron-Soong

Wine connoisseur or not, a trip to Napa Valley is always made memorable by strolling around the lush vineyard and tasting premier wine like their prized Cabernet Sauvignon.

Together with her twins Gabbie and Noelle, Baron-Soong went on a trip to this world-famous wine region. With good friend Mago Oben and her twin daughters Martina and Lucia, they all went biking around.

Baron-Soong family with Margo Oben and twin daughters Martina and Lucia.

They also had an alfresco lunch at Bistro Don Giovanni, a rustic Italian restaurant. With its personality of a Mediterranean hideaway, the pair of mother-daughters had a field day.

Ina Ponce Enrile with good friends Loralee Soong, Joanna Legaspi, Jacqui Geiger, Mica Ortega, and Denise Rodriguez.

Ina Ponce Enrile

After spending much time in lockdowns, nothing feels better than reuniting with those you love. Ponce Enrile met up with her good friends at Manhattan Beach, known for some of the best surfing waves in California.

Even without surfing, she and her friends had a great time setting up camp on the white sand. They had delightful conversations catching up, and when time permitted, shopped and had an ocean-view dining at the restaurants.

This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia July 2021.

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