This Parisian Luxury Brand Has Launched Its First Home Collection

The French house released a line of furniture and small household items inspired by the work of Italian architect Gae Aulenti. 

Jacquemus is a fairly young luxury brand, having been established in 2009 by talented French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus (who was only 19 years old at the time). That being said, while it hasn’t been around as long as other prestigious fashion houses, it’s already made an indelible mark in the world of couture. 

In just a little over a decade, Jacquemus established itself as the go-to brand for clothing, bags, and accessories with fresh and playful designs. For example, their “Chiquito” bag line has become a celebrity favorite, sporting a minimalist yet whimsical design that comes in a variety of colors. 

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Jacquemus chic Chiquito bags
Jacquemus’ chic Chiquito bags come in all kinds of sizes and colors/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus

Now, the fashion house has made its first foray into the world of home furnishing with the release of its “Objets” collection. Jacquemus collaborated with esteemed Italian furniture manufacturer Exteta to release a re-edition of Gae Aulenti’s classic “Locus Solus” four-piece outdoor furnishing line, which was originally designed in 1964. 

Jacquemus' Objets collection
A collage of some items in Jacquemus’ Objets collection/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus

Among the collection’s pieces are a chair, armchair, and sun lounger in yellow striped fabric—a uniquely Jacquemus touch that pays homage to beach mattresses and parasols from the 1980s. Objet’s bright palette is also inspired by the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 “Le Raphia” collection—which features vivid yellows and oranges—as it serves as an extension of the clothing line. 

Jacquemus' Objets collection Gae Aulenti's Locus Solus line of outdoor furniture
Pieces from the collection that are re-editions of Italian architect Gae Aulenti’s Locus Solus line of outdoor furniture/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus

Artistic Paraphernalia

Besides the re-editions of Aulenti’s Locus Solus pieces, the Objets collection also features smaller household items like vases, plates, key rings, trays, bowls, and baskets—most of which are made of fine leather and brass, and come in earthy tones with touches of yellow. 

La coupelle
“La coupelle” (a leather cup) from the collection/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus
Jacquemus' Objets collection Le plateu
“Le plateu” (a leather platter) from the collection/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus
Jacquemus' Objets collection
A catalog of works from Brazilian artist Tasila Do Amaral that’s included in the collection/Photo via Instagram @jacquemus

To top it all off, Objets also contains exclusive vintage catalogs, art books, and photographs from artists that inspired Jacquemus in the making of the Spring/Summer collection. Among these items is a rare portrait of Pablo Picasso, as well as books from David Hockney, Morris Louis, Poul Gernes, and Louise Bourgeois. Original prints from photographer Lucien Clergue were also included in the collection. 

At once engaging and eclectic, Objets is a testament to Jacquemus’ originality and continuous innovation as a brand.

Banner Photo via Instagram @jacquemus.

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