Need To Take a Breather? Learn How With These Online Channels

Concerning yourself with local and global issues can get overwhelming, and so when it happens, here’s how you can take a break and realign yourself.

Social media has always been our refuge since its inception for entertainment and expression, especially recently when the lockdown was imposed. With nowhere to go except except our own houses, we have inevitably spent more time in front of screens than ever—getting updated with news and keeping ourselves preoccupied. However, with the rise of social issues and injustices amid the pandemic, we couldn’t help but feel what we once treat as our “safe place” has become a pool of fear and anxiety. As we scroll through our timelines, we come across devastating news and stories that while important and relevant, start to overwhelm and crush our spirits.

How do we deal with panic, loneliness, and our increasing worries? How can we address negative feelings? Most would recommend staying offline for a while and focus on activities that can calm you down. But before you go off-screen, check out these online channels and platforms where medical and wellness experts offer advice and alternative approaches to taking care of your mental health.



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It’s OK To Feel Overwhelmed. Here’s What To Do Next.

Author of the bestselling “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert offers insights and answers to questions such as ways to turn fear into something positive and useful. Through inspiring stories, she stresses the importance of staying in the present and trusting the strength of the human spirit in dealing with the pandemic.

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All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

The lockdown gave us a much-needed time to slow down from the crazy, hustle and bustle of life. Given this privilege of time, Andy Puddicombe guides us through the transformative value of taking 10 minutes a day to experience the present in a new way and give a sense of calm. But don’t worry, this meditation doesn’t involve burning incense sticks and sitting cross-legged on mats.

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The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage

In this time of confusion, stress, and anxiety, we might think these emotions are automatically negative. Susan David debunks this thought and explains that accepting the diversity of our emotions, no matter how ‘messy and difficult’ some can get, actually directs us to identify our values and take steps towards achieving them. The result of the study is fascinating so you better watch to know the rest.

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The Happiness Lab

This is a series of podcasts exploring ways to maintain mental health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos shares research and surprising stories that not only tell how to stay sane in these times but also change the way we think about reaching happiness. Hint: it’s not about amassing wealth or having a strong social media presence.

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The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

You may know someone who experiences anxiety attacks or you might have experienced it yourself. Either way, anxiety coach and nutritionist Gina Ryan guides listeners in handling panic and general anxiety. Running for 20 minutes every episode, the topics include coping with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). controlling the physical sides of anxiety, and practicing self-care during this pandemic.

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The Calmer You Podcast

Chloe Brotheridge tackles topics such as managing grief, healing trauma, and being productive while working from home during the lockdown. Chloe features guest speakers like medical doctors to share advice in handling general panic and worries in these times. 

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Online Classes

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LEFT: Sara Black. RIGHT: post from Live Awake PH. (Photos from respective Instagram accounts)

Sara Black / Live Awake Philippines

Manila-based photographer and yoga instructor Sara Black understands the necessity for meditation in this turbulent time. She started hosting thirty-minute online meditation sessions on Facebook Live and Himalayan Breathwork and Meditation online courses since the quarantine began. These courses include instructional videos and recorded live streams. She also launched #WisdomWednesdays on Instagram. As the name suggests, Sara shares inspiring stories and tips on maintaining focus, peace, and a sense of normalcy at this time.

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Future Learn

With a wide selection of courses from leading universities, Future Learn has also adopted online courses about COVID-19. From coping with self-isolation and social distancing to helping youth handle low mood during the pandemic, the free courses offer valuable study and advice in caring for our own and other people’s mental health.

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