The Class Act’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette - The Scene

Exude grace and elegance, even on the vast realms of the internet by adhering to essential rules on social media etiquette.

The clickety-clack of the keyboard may be music to the digital savvy’s ears. But in the age of social media, where even pixelated letters hold power, a simple press of a button can prove damaging on both ends of the screen. And with how quick and easy it is to react online, the disastrous and unfortunate effects of an extremely unpopular idea can be discouraging, if not traumatizing. A lesson in some of the most oft-forgotten rules of social media etiquette might help.

Tact and Timing

Even if the internet community’s colorful scene is full of adorable cat memes and hilarious fail compilation videos, it doesn’t fall short of provocative content and rabid fandoms. Vitriol is spat by the minute, just as much as the exchange of affectations. So in the audacious endeavor of speaking your mind out, knowing the right thing to say and being mindful of when to say it is a fundamental skill in the digital landscape. Your active participation in social media culture requires a great deal of awareness on trending issues if you want to avoid unwanted attention from an easily offended population of anonymous denizens. 

Social media PDA is not universally accepted. Choose your followers wisely.

Telling the Truth

With the recent crackdown on fake news and deceptive content, anyone in possession of an active account must be wary of saying anything false or misleading. The grave consequences imposed by draconian measures serve as explicit warnings. The tiniest mistake—a misspelling, an overlooked detail, or a misinterpreted statement—is potentially damaging and can put someone in jeopardy. A keen editorial eye is essential and beneficial. Verify your facts, review your narrative, and before you click that button, be ready to face the possible consequences.

Time and again, we’ve learned that the truth hurts—even on social media.

Temper Traps

As a public domain, the world wide web houses a wide assortment of personalities—from the contentious snowflakes to the sensitive activists. Amidst caffeinated laughter, digital duels have populated many morning conversations at work. Perhaps, due to its entertaining nature and our innate penchant for schadenfreude and gossip. Involvement, on the other hand, is a different story. As gladiators battle it out on the digital colosseum, the exposure leaves them open for public scrutiny. Grow a thick skin before you enter the field.

The only way that it’s frustrating is if you let it affect you.

Tips on Trust

Temerity is a double-edged sword when traversing the realms of social media. And whether one elicits a positive or negative response, no one is in control of their readers’ actions. Even if your intention is merely to impart an experience, a simple post today can be a viral meme tomorrow. Any image you share with your following immediately becomes easy targets of not just critique and ridicule, but also more pressing issues such as identity theft, public scandal, and other privacy concerns. Do you have absolute trust with the people you expose yourself to?

Are you sure your followers can take it?

Two to Tango

Ultimately, joining the digital circus entails a series of decisions. Are you making your account private or public? To what extent are you willing to share? And from a different perspective, which accounts are you following, and which ones are you avoiding? Social media has existed for more than a decade. Many of us have learned our lessons from simple gaffes to more humiliating experiences. How you act or react is a reflection of your personal growth in the digital landscape. Be it as a user or as a consumer. 

Pressing a button is all it takes.

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