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With over three decades of expertise attached to her name, Dr. Julieta Peralta-Arambulo discusses spreading awareness and sharing assistance to the art and science of hair restoration

Hair loss is a real issue for people of all ages. For many, it stifles their confidence or causes awkwardness, while some describe it as disruptive to their overall well-being. Luckily enough, there is an entire medical field dedicated to assessing and solving hair issues and the difficulties that come with it. In fact, medicine even certifies surgeons who are able to acquire the specific skills needed for executing hair transplant surgery. Asian Hair Restoration Center’s very own Dr. Julieta Peralta-Arambulo is one of those gifted professionals who is not only legitimately-equipped with the know-how to fix people’s hair problems, but is also extremely passionate to serve all those who need it.

A true professional

Dr. Arambulo was practicing dermatology years before 1997, but this year in particular was significant because it was the year she added the gold standard of hair transplantation under her skillset: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) surgery. Learning the procedure under Dr. Allan K. Yung of New Medical Group in Willshire, California—entailed a mixture of attention, artistry, a dedicated efficient surgical team, and an astute fascination with the beauty of microsurgery. 

Dr. Arambulo is also the Derma Section Head and Head of Hair Transplant Service at the Aesthetics by the Medical City at the The Medical City 6/F Podium Building, Ortigas, Pasig City

Fast forward to 2009, and Dr. Arambulo’s astute fascination would lead her to more great opportunities. The first was being able to participate in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She was accompanied by her daughter Margaux Arambulo-Lucena also held the same penchant for hair restoration in being the lead hair transplant surgical assistant in AHRS. Joining her is her other daughter, Mariel Arambulo-Cordero; a top-notcher in the Philippine Board of Dermatology. The other was being taught the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure with the State of the Art Methodology and Instrumentation under the tutelage of Dr, James Harris; an opportunity that allowed Dr. Arambulo to offer hope to people who yield to misleading advertisements in hair transplantation.

In becoming an elite hair transplant specialist, Dr. Arambulo proved to become a Filipino pioneer in not just being the first surgeon in the country to have a FUE skill set tailored to hair transplantation, but also the first to operate a clinic dedicated to it in opening the Asian Hair Restoration Center (AHRC) in 2010. Understanding her field to be ever-evolving, Dr. Arambulo became a fellow of the ISHRS in order to continue discovering and implementing new developments and techniques in hair restoration surgery; as she regularly attends the ISHRS World Congress annual meetings and hair transplant surgery workshops in different parts of the world.

“We aspire to help each individual patient not only regrow their hair but to also regain a patient’s lost confidence and self-esteem.”

Dr. Julieta Peralta-Arambulo outlines the mission of Asian Hair Restoration Center

In 2014, Dr. Arambulo’s dedication to her field would become recognized in the international stage, as she received the privilege and honor to be the first and only Filipino Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS); the only certification recognized by the ISHRS.

Restoring self-confidence

If you’re looking to make an appointment, all AHRC patients will be evaluated, assessed, and provided with a comprehensive medical and surgical update program by Dr. Arambulo herself, as she utilizes the latest technology and instrumentation available to ensure results are on par with the best hair transplant specialists around the world.

In bringing her certified expertise back to the country, Dr. Arambulo hopes to provide truly excellent professional hair restoration services for all Filipinos (Photo by Rupert Jacinto)

Curious which procedure will apply to you? Dr. Arambulo performs the three methods depending on what’s best for her patient; the most prevalent of which is the FUE procedure, which utilizes a “Powered Safe Scribe” technology. Pegged as alternative treatment for patients who do not want donor linear scarring, the extent at which FUE is a critical solution ranges from camouflaging focal hair loss in the scalp or other hair-bearing areas due to trauma from accident, surgery, or infection, to eyebrow, mustache, and beard enhancement or restoration. 

FUE also makes way for the specific “Body Hair Transplant” (BHT) procedure, which gives hope for patients with limited donor supply by offering the removal of unwanted hair from other hairy parts of the body such as the beard, chest, or legs and placing them into the area where they are most needed. Apart from FUE, Dr. Arambulo also performs other advanced aesthetic techniques in hair restoration or augmentation of the eyebrows, mustache, beard or goatee. Performed with the highest level of skill, AHRC’s bona fide professional work speaks for itself.

Body confidence is as important to a good life as food and shelter. If you’re planning to entrust your body to someone who will make drastic changes to improve it, you might as well pick an internationally-recognized, board-certified physician who believes in integrity, authenticity and never cutting corners more than anything else. While some physicians will advise solutions of the cheapest cost or highest popularity, Dr. Arambulo’ prioritizes safety, excellence, and honesty before anything else. According to her, the cost of the procedure is based on the skills, experience, and artistry that is necessary to fulfill your goal of coverage with excellent results. 

Make an appointment with Dr. Arambulo at the Aesthetics by the Medical City at the The Medical City 6/F Podium Building, Ortigas, where she serves as the Derma Section Head and Head of Hair Transplant Services.

For more information, check out Asian Hair Restoration Center at their official website and follow them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.


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