Behind Small Laude's Healthy Glow at the 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala

Radiant in a flowy tulle dress, November 2023 cover for Lifestyle Asia Small Laude shared her ultimate wellness secret

The night was still young when Anna Magkawas and Small Laude linked up at Lifestyle Asia’s lakeside gala. Manila-based choir Los Cantantes de Manila might have been performing their culminating rendition of “A Million Dreams,” but the crowd stuck around for desserts—tarts, chocolates, macaroons, and croquembouche—and sweet chats with fellow guests.

Amid throngs of people meandering over to the dessert grazing table at the far end of Lakehall’s Banquet Hall, the Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group founder and her brand ambassador could be seen exchanging friendly hellos.

Small Laude
Brand ambassador Small Laude
Luxe Skin Anna Magkawas
Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group founder Anna Magkawas

Laude, in a flowing tulle dress, looked radiant as usual. “I got a good night’s sleep,” she beamed. “I always do when I take [Luxe Slim Beauty Talks Glutathione]. It makes me flawless, glowing.” Moreover, the cover star revealed that she prioritizes wellness by maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.  

The Beauty Talks capsule stands out as one of Luxe Slim’s most popular products, drawing enthusiastic testimonials from those who have experienced its benefits. These consumers have eagerly shared their stories across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. When developing the product, Magkawas aimed to challenge common misconceptions surrounding glutathione. “While many people [associate] glutathione solely with whitening, what they may not realize is its benefits for our liver,” she explained. “Our target audience includes those [who are yet to discover] the broader advantages of glutathione, beyond its cosmetic aspects.”

Beauty Talks is designed to do more than just impart a youthful glow. Packed with collagen, chitosan, and glutathione, the capsule hydrates and brightens the appearance of skin while eliminating toxins from within and supporting a healthy metabolism. “It’s true what they say, beauty really starts from within,” the founder said. 

Lifestyle Asia Gala
In photo: Anna Magkawas and Small Laude

Commenting on her evening ensemble, Magkawas shared that it was actually her first time dressing up for a relaxed glamour-themed gala. “[Everyone was] quite surprised when I posted this look on my social media accounts, especially with this bold necklace. It’s really not [my usual style], but I’m open to exploring, open to trying new things.” This sentiment reflects not only her approach to fashion but also her broader outlook on life and business ventures.

For more information, visit Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group’s website here.

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