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Known as the Met Gala of K-Pop, the SM Entertainment Halloween Party is always a trending topic when it happens.

Postponed last year due to COVID-19, the SM Entertainment Halloween Party, known as Wonderland, is going to happen on October 31. Idols from the company have been showing off the invites: it seems to be Squid Game-themed.

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Always an exciting event, we can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing this year. We foresee a lot of Squid Game costumes, a couple of boys dressed as girls, and more wild, spook-tastic wackiness to come.

In true SM Entertainment fashion, coming in costume is not enough. There are prizes to be won: in the past, this included an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. Fans love arguing about their faves and you can bet they also love arguing about who had the best costume.

Here’s a list of the greatest hits from Wonderlands’ in years past:

EXO’s Chanyeol

One of the most competitive idols, Chanyeol’s Iron Man costume in 2017 was the stuff made of legend. The customized costume is believed to have cost just under $30,000 and the group managers had to help him wear it. Due to the piece’s construction, Chanyeol couldn’t sit and ride his car so he walked to the venue. At the party, he won first place but couldn’t eat and drink.

For 2018’s party, Chanyeol decided to go as Deadpool. On the variety show Life Bar, he mentioned that he got in touch with the movie’s head costume designer.

“I politely introduced myself and said, ‘I have to take over Halloween. Please,’ and asked for fast delivery. After hearing my idea, the designer finished the outfit in four to five days and sent it by express mail, but [the package] didn’t come even after a few days.”

Due to the weaponry involved in the Deadpool costume, the package was held up in US Customs. Thus, Chanyeol wasn’t going to be able to wear it in time for the Halloween party.

Ever competitive, he just decided not to go. Because he is currently serving his military service, unfortunately, we won’t see Chanyeol at this year’s extravaganza. You can, however, see both costumes at Good World Cafe, owned and operated by Chanyeol’s dad.

SHINee’s Key

SHINee in 2013

According to Key, people previously attended the costume party in regular dress. This all changed in 2013 when SHINee attended in costume. SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-Man was so impressed he made it a rule for everyone to attend in costume in years onwards.

Key as Lord Voldemort in 2018

Each year since then, Key would pull out all the stops. He has gone as The Joker, Piccolo, Edward Scissorhands, Ronald McDonald, and Marge Simpson. He realized, as he shared on Happy Together, that to win you should dress up in a trending costume, so for 2018 he went as Lord Voldemort, complete with facial prosthetics. His dedication paid off and he won first prize.


Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Taeil as Belle

NCT is another group that goes all out for the party. In 2017 the group posted behind the scenes content getting ready for the event, with member Taeil cross-dressing as Belle from Beauty and the Beast (matching with Red Velvet’s Yeri) and the NCT Dream members dressed as the Smurfs (Renjun was the designated Smurfette, or as Jeno called him, “highlighter smurf.”)

In 2018, the group released more content, including a dance practice in costume for both NCT 127 and NCT Dream. The costumes were even better: Jaehyun and Jungwoo went as Jack and Rose from Titanic (Jungwoo is a very beautiful girl), Ten went as the Mona Lisa in her frame (complete with no eyebrows) and Chenle went as Pennywise (for obvious reasons I cannot describe what all 18 members were wearing because this would be a very long article).

Chenle as Pennywise

According to Chenle, the makeup took five hours to do, he dyed his hair orange just for that day and scared his mom when he returned home. It was all worth it though because he also won a prize. A few days ago, Chenle was dropping hints on social media about what he will be wearing: it will be a female character, lots of makeup, and also from a scary movie. We can’t wait.

f(x)’s Luna

Luna as Groot

None of the f(x) members are now signed SM, but when member Luna was in the company, she always understood the assignment. In years past, she had gone as an Avatar, as War Boy from Mad Max, and in 2018, she went as Groot. The beloved character from Guardians of the Galaxy began to trend worldwide, and Luna won a trip to Hawaii as a prize. It is highly unlikely that Luna will attend this year’s shindig, but give her new song Madonna a listen. It’s camp!

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