Fancy a Private Dining Experience at The Test Kitchen by Spoonsofmagic

From scrumptious five course-meals to mouthwatering desserts to premium bottles of champagne or wine, luxury dining is never a dull experience. There are always new flavors to excite your taste buds and to satiate your appetite. These dishes become exceptional when it is cooked with passion and whipped up especially for you. This is exactly what Chef Ana Asis does in her new venture at The Test Kitchen by Spoonsofmagic. The establishment is constructed for private dining and this resembles a homelike meal with family and friends.

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The Test Kitchen by Spoonsofmagic features a single dining table in front of the open kitchen. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)
Chef Ana Asis. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)

Experience the exceptional in private

Kitchens used to be tucked at the back of restaurants and dining establishments. It is where most of the creative processes of chefs and cooks happen, and most of the time, it can get quite cluttered. But these days, more chefs are becoming open to show where all the magic happens. Chef Ana Asis opens her kitchen doors to clients, allowing unfettered access to her process of fulfilling your dining wish-list.

Chef Ana explains the concept of The Test Kitchen is not commercial. It goes beyond a restaurant because it serves you exceptional dishes curated to your taste. “It’s like having your own space,” she says, “the entire meal is set for you.” There are premium courses since it is private dining and as such, there is no room to sacrifice the flavors. After all, Chef Ana gets her ingredients from different markets and delis. Some are curated abroad too for ingredients that are unavailable in the country. The chef can also modify the dish based on your diet. This sets the mark for The Test Kitchen which is a “collaboration with guests on what they want.”

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Seafood pasta and Pan-Fried Sole with Butter and Capers. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)

Feast on the luxuries of the ocean

Chef Ana served a sample dinner that centers on seafood. The menu list included Gamberi alla Busara, a Venetian-inspired dish; Pan-Fried Sole with Butter and Capers that melts in your mouth; Deep-fry Chili Curry Crab, a Singaporean dish tweaked with a generous throw of mixed spices; and Seafood pasta made of scallops, lobster, clams, and shrimp, all ladled in rich red sauce. The seafood was all fresh and the dishes were simple yet Chef Ana knew how to make each heavenly and truly gratifying to fill the clients to the brim.

Malagkit rice and New York style cheesecake. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)

To cap off the wonderful mix of rich flavors, Chef Ana whipped up her staple dessert creations: New York style cheesecake topped with a cluster of plump strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. For a local sweet option, there is malagkit rice with coconut cream and diced mangoes. The presentations were simply beautiful; it makes it hard to take a bite into these delightful treats.

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The elegant dinnerware and immaculate white blooms atop the single dining table. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)

The Test Kitchen offers clients not only private space to eat but also an exceptional dining experience. The courses are exquisite and there is full access to witness the creative processes of the chef in the kitchen. Next time you fancy an intimate gathering, The Test Kitchen by Spoonsofmagic is where you should head.

For more information on The Test Kitchen by Spoonsofmagic, follow them on IG @spoonsofmagic or @thetestkitchenbyspoonsofmagic. You can also log on to, or contact 0995-465-5622.

Scroll down to see more of Chef Ana’s creations…

Bucatini all’Amatriciana. (Photograph from Spoonsofmagic)
Roasted Rack of Lamb. (Photograph from Spoonsofmagic)
Deep-Fry Chili Curry Crab. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)
Certified Angus Ribeye. (Photograph from Spoonsofmagic)
Gamberi alla Busara. (Photograph by Hub Pacheco)

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