Milano Design Week and Miart Feature Astonishing Works of Italo Rota

Art connoisseurs marveled at the works and ideas of the renowned Italian architect Italo Rota. The creations were featured in Salvatore Ferragamo flagship stores in Via Montenapoleone. Called “The World of Italo Rota”, the project is an astonishing multisensory experience for patrons of the brand and guests of Miart or the International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art and Milano Design Week 2019.

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Lumini Munari. (Photograph from Studio Italo Rota)

Creation of the sublime universe

Italo Rota theorized what he calls, “extreme present” and the need to interrogate the patterns within it. The Milanese architect focused on developing ways to create a unique future in the world of contemporary design. He envisioned pieces and displays that are timeless, eschewing present trends and repetition.

Salvatore Ferragamo recognizes the value in blending innovation with style and creativity. This lifestyle reflected in works of Italo are curated by Flash Art and displayed in the brand’s stores. There were vibrant videos, LED installations, and series of Italo’s creations and memorabilia. Aside from the visual feast, the event tingled the olfactory senses of guests with fragrances of Tuscan Creations. The 11 fragrances of Ferragamo paired with a work of Italo told a colorful story. The concept may not be entirely new but the experience is certainly memorable.

Through the imagination and unique ideas of the renowned Milanese architect, the event for Milano Design Week entertained and enlightened the guests. The prototypes and works called to appreciate the beauty in distinctive creations, those without redundancies and go beyond the patterns in architecture and design. See below for more of Italo Rota’s creations…

Meritalia T’Como. (Photograph from Studio Italo Rota)
Lampada sex tantes. (Photograph from Studio Italo Rota)
Lampada sex tantes. (Photograph from Studio Italo Rota)
Modesty Veiled. (Photograph from Studio Italo Rota)

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