Theo & Brom's Scaled Cakes Are Sure To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

The makers of the world’s first Belgian Tableya, Theo & Brom, sends their sweet regards with scaled cakes for those wishing to indulge on a solo serving of their decadent chocolate creations.

A few years ago, I met the lovely couple who founded Theo & Brom—Matthi and Myey Moens—whose chocolate dreams paved the way for the birth of the world’s first Belgian Tableya. The partnership married two cultures, bringing the beloved chocolate expertise of Belgium and the prized cacao of the Philippines together. Through Theo & Brom, the couple was able to use world-class Filipino ingredients—64% Single Origin Davao Cacao, to make Belgian chocolate and create delicious tableya pieces.

Theo & Brom uses 64% Single Origin Cacao in making Belgian chocolate.

This time around, the team returns with a new set of products: the Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake, which comes in tubs of 180g and 730g. The decadent dessert’s toasty, nutty, and earthy hints add character to an otherwise ordinary chocolate cake and still boasts of the world’s first Belgian Tableya’s unique experience with the distinct aromatics and flavors of the finest Philippine cacao beans which now come in mouthwatering bites.

You can also purchase their Belgian Tableya which comes in bites.

“From its inception starting with the world’s first Belgian Tableya, our brand has always stood for creating uncompromised quality products with our customers in mind–elevating simple moments with their favorite comfort food or drink in hand,” says Myey Moens, founder of Theo & Brom. “This time, we bring to our Filipino customers suitable-sized treats without the splurge so anyone can indulge without guilt, and in more ways than one–bring out a smile with each serving.”

The cakes come in 180g or 730g tubs.

Pre-order the new Gooey Ganache Magic Baby Tableya Cake (180g) Made-For-Me Size today for only P249 at their website. Regular-sized Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake (730g) is also available for only P599.

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