B2B: This Artisanal Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Manufactory Makes Fine Chocolate From Scratch - Food & Travel

Purposefully grown, high quality, and prepared ingredients at their peak are some words used to describe Fossa Chocolate’s approach.

Fossa Chocolate is an artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate manufactory, rooted in Singapore with the
vision to make every chocolate experience memorable.

According to Fossa, “We strive to produce delicious chocolate that has greater depth, flavor clarity, and intensity.”

They add, “Our approach is to select only high quality, purposefully grown, and prepared ingredients at their peak,
then process them using a variety of traditional and modern techniques to express their flavour in chocolate.”

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Dedicated to making fine chocolate from scratch, Fossa pays a premium to get their hands on the world’s
most prized cacao beans from farmers and distributors who care about top quality crops and
craftsmanship – all without human exploitation – so you may enjoy the rich and complex flavours of
natural cacao that are sustainably sourced.

To bring forth the unique flavours that each cacao origin has to offer without additives or substitutes,
Fossa focuses on roasting the cacao beans in small batches, grinding and tempering the chocolate before
finishing them in hand-packaged bars. The process may be time-consuming but the end result is
worth it.

With new flavours launching every other month, they aim to please like-minded individuals with
one-of-a-kind and often surprising innovations.

You can find Fossa on Instagram @fossachocolate or their website.

Banner photo courtesy of Fossa.

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