This Is The Moment: The Golden Globes Honors Michelle Yeoh With The Best Actress Award - Arts & Culture

The star of “Everything Everywhere All at Once” won her first Golden Globe last Tuesday and it was her time to shine.

“I’m just gonna stand here and take this all in. Forty years. Not letting go of this,” Yeoh says with a wide smile.

Her Hollywood journey has been highly successful but also long and difficult. She admits to feeling like her time was running out, as roles for women over a certain age range are growing smaller.

But then the absurdist multiverse movie became a hit in 2022, grossing over $103 million worldwide.

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Yeoh plays the main character of Everything Everywhere All at Once, Evelyn Wang, a “very ordinary, immigrant, Asian woman, mother, daughter, who was trying to do her audit.”

When the Golden Globes attempted to cut her speech short, she jokingly threatens the awards show, saying “Shut up, please. I can beat you up, okay? And that’s serious.” And anyone who’s seen her martial arts skills will know that she means business.

The premise of the movie may sound silly at first (I mean, who’s heard of a universe where people have hotdogs for fingers?) but the messages it delivers have obviously resonated with a wide audience.

“I was given this gift of playing this woman who resonated so deeply with me and with so many people. Because at the end of the day, in whatever universe she was at, she was just fighting, fighting for love for her family,” Yeoh continues.

Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh with Jamie Lee Curtis who was nominated as Best Supporting Actress | Image via Instagram @goldenglobes

She thanks her directors, producer, managers, and co-stars, including Stephanie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan who also won his first Golden Globe that day for Best Supporting Actor.

“This is for all the shoulders that I stand on, all who came before me who looks like me, and all who are going on this journey with me forward,” Yeoh says as she ends her speech. “Thank you for believing in us. Thank you.”

As Quan’s character, Waymond Wang, tells Evelyn, “Every rejection, every disappointment has led you here to this moment.”

Banner photo via Instagram @goldenglobes.

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