Paul Cabral Guiding Us To Celebrate Filipino Culture

Paul Cabral’s collection invites us on a journey through time, bringing a deep sense of heritage with a modern touch.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the past? Not just the ’70s or ’80s, when some say things were best, but way back in the 1900s or even the 1800s?

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A Designer’s Ode to Tradition

Paul Cabral’s latest collection takes us on a journey to that bygone era. Instead of merely evoking the 1900s, Paul brings its essence into the present, infusing it with a touch of 2024.

Set in the elegant Goldenberg Mansion, his collection is a celebration of Filipino culture. Paul’s vision is clear – to imbue every wearer of his designs with a deep sense of their heritage. His expertise in Philippine textiles, especially piña, shines through in every piece.

Piña, a fabric unique to the Philippines, is crafted by weaving pineapple plant fibers, resulting in an extraordinary textile.

By prominently featuring piña in his collection, Paul pays homage to the country’s rich textile traditions. 

“Creating a contemporary, unique, and wearable design for a Filipiniana garment is quite challenging. I find that it really brings out my creative juices, mixing together different textiles, colors, and embroidery,” Paul said.

His ability to elevate local materials to international acclaim is evident, blending tradition with trendsetting flair.

Each garment, with its intricate patterns and playful pleating, showcases Paul’s years of dedication and skill. 

His exploration of textures and designs evokes a sense of national pride, creating designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

He stated, “Usually, I start with a solid color for the base and then begin playing with the fabric in terms of color and texture for the panuelo and tapis when I create my Maria Clara. I love how you can mix and match the different designs of the suksok and embroidery to make it look young, wearable, and contemporary.”

Embracing the Soul of Filipino Heritage

Striped piña barong, black piña hand pleated vest & silk trousers

Paul’s designs show respect for Filipino culture and mix traditional skills with modern style.

He focuses on ensuring each piece fits perfectly, while infusing them with bold, new ideas that push piña fabric into exciting new territories.

“With the ternos or butterfly sleeves, it depends on whether it’s a play of fabric, beadwork, or detailing using different kinds of materials,” he noted.

Is this the rebirth of the terno? These iconic dresses, once seen only in old photographs and history books, are now making a modern comeback.

Fashion is a powerful tool for connecting generations. 

It allows us, both now and in the future, to honor and express our love for our culture every day. And nothing represents the rich tapestry of Filipino history and culture quite like the piña attire.

The Creative Spirit

Paul’s designs are a testament to Filipino creativity and ingenuity. By incorporating elements of Filipino fashion, he has created a collection that is not only unique but also distinctly ours – a legacy that designers like Paul Cabral are proud to uphold.

“Making a Filipiniana garment is the most demanding project I am happy to work on, mainly because it’s something we can call our very own,” he mentioned.

Fashion is an art, and in the hands of designers like Paul, it becomes a reflection of who we are as Filipinos – a people with a rich and vibrant cultural heritage.

Now, as we marvel at the artistry of designers like Paul, we’re left to ponder: is it time to revive the timeless elegance of barongs and baro’t saya?

With collections like Paul Cabral’s, the answer may be sooner than we think.

Black brocade pants; floral sequined oversized shirt


Text Kim Luna

Photographer Belg Belgica Assisted by Sarah El-Ali

Sittings Editor Candy Dizon

Creative Director Paolo Torio

Model Victor Kiuzzo of Mercator

Grooming Cats Del Rosario

Stylist Roko Arceo Assisted by Julie Amigo and Marivel Gula

Shoot coordination Mae Talaid

Shot on location Goldenberg Mansion

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