Anthony Ramirez Redefines Modern Fashion

Anthony Ramirez defies the modern fashion norms, breathing life into sketches with a touch of everlasting style.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s December 2023 – January 2024 Issue.

In today’s world, it’s rare to find a designer who can bring a sketch to life, from the first idea to the final product, just like they did in the old days. But Anthony Ramirez is a designer who breaks the mold.

His journey from being self-taught to becoming a self-made designer started with a passion for fashion and a natural creative talent. 

Over 15 years in the industry, he immersed himself in a seasoned designer’s workshop, learning every aspect of the craft. The exceptional quality of his creations and his clientele of prominent individuals are living proof of his artistry. 

After taking a break from the runway, there was much anticipation for his Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show.

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Timeless Threads: Anthony Ramirez Redefines Modern Fashion With Style For The Ages
Anthony Ramirez

Creative Evolution 

The event took place in a charming ancestral home in Quezon City, a place rich in memories and now home to Anthony’s atelier. This ancestral home was transformed into a captivating fashion show venue, surrounded by lush greenery, creating an atmosphere of both a forest and luxury.

The event took place in a charming ancestral home in Quezon City, a place rich in memories and now home to Anthony's atelier.

Anthony’s latest collection, named “Symphony of Feelings,” showcased his commitment to creativity. His journey as a designer reflects the profound impact of life experiences and emotions on his design style. Emotions serve as a canvas for his creations. His love for the craft shines through his work, driving his ongoing growth and evolution.

The show featured a wide range of styles with intricate details, flowing elegance, and feminine shapes. It culminated in a spectacular finale, featuring a diamond-encrusted bra worth 20 million pesos, created in collaboration with Viera Jewelry. The runway displayed stunning creations that celebrated women of all body types and eras.

Behind the scenes, Anthony collaborated with a dream team to bring his vision to life. The show was curated by some of the industry’s most creative minds, including the direction of Jackie Aquino, styling by celebrity stylist Perry Tabora, and makeup and hair artistry by Jelly Eugenio, Anthea Bueno, Mark Qua, Paul Nebres, and Renz Pangilinan. It was a mesmerizing display of fashion’s finest.

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