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From the choice of cuts all the way down to the flavor, Tip-Top’s Easy and Tasty chicken is undeniably the easy choice

From dining out to staying home, a lot of us have dived into creating even more delicious meals from the safety of our humble abodes within the past few years. Some have gotten back into the joy of cooking, while others have only recently tried it for the first time. Classic recipes were made, along with a few experimentations here and there, but there’s nothing quite like making something both easy and tasty, whether we’re amateurs or experts in the kitchen. Tip-Top’s Easy and Tasty® Chicken selection from Cargill eases and elevates the home dining experience by providing delicious poultry products of superior quality.

An easy classic

Having been present in the industry for more than 50 years now, with roots in Nicaragua before finally being introduced in the Philippines in 2021, Tip-Top® Chicken that’s available in premium quality choice cuts of drumstick, wings, breast, thigh, and even as a whole fiesta-sized dressed chicken is now a staple in our homes. They process and pack the chicken on the same day, which ensures us customers that we’re getting our money’s worth because of how fresh it is. Not only that, but every pack of Tip-Top® Chicken has also been carefully thought out, given that customers were kept in mind when it came to the development of flavors and amount of product needed for each meal.

Their selection of Easy and Tasty® provides marinated versions of their chicken that completely cuts down the longer process of preparing a savory meal. Just like their Hot & Spicy pack, it’s already seasoned with flavors that make cooking less complicated, allowing even first timers to come up with something exquisite for the entire household. The Hot & Spicy pack in particular has just the right amount of kick that we usually crave, and it can even be favored by those who aren’t the biggest fans of spicy food. It’s not overwhelmingly piquant that we would be alright with saving a glass of our favorite drink for after the meal.

With the superior and versatile flavor and taste of Tip-Top’s Easy and Tasty® Chicken, we can all create a variety of chicken dishes that fall under different cuisines. Fresh, savory, and convenient, their products are sure to make every home-cooked meal a much better experience from start to finish.

To elevate your at-home dining, Tip-Top® Chicken is available in local markets, meat shops, ‘Tip-Top-preneurs’ community resellers, FrozenMNL, and Zagana. For more information, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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