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The country’s biggest artisanal fair’s collective call to renew, repurpose, and recycle have inspired participants to upcycle everyday discarded materials like denim, wood, scrap fabric, plastic, or paper to create new works of art and fashion pieces.

For the final week of the ArteFino Festival, the Maker’s Lab Totally Upcycled Challenge is unveiled. This unique feature of the country’s biggest artisanal fair emphasizes the movement’s collective call to “renew, repurpose, and recycle.” It is a shared ethos among members of ArteFino’s growing community, which organizers aspire to amplify through open, interactive engagements. The team explains, “It is an open call for anyone who wishes to create–vendors and non-vendors alike,” clarified the organizers. 

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The Upcycled Challenge inspires participants to explore the innovative ways of upcycling with the use of everyday materials otherwise discarded. Entries submitted for the challenge are prototypes that showcase how creators can use discarded denim, wood, scrap fabric, plastic or paper to create stunning fashion and lifestyle pieces. They are accompanied by well-written concept papers and transparency reports that indicate design, business, and production feasibility of each concept. 

A total of 31 participants have joined in the Maker’s Lab, each one presenting a fresh, new take on designing with upcycled materials. Now on full display at the ArteFino Festival, a diverse exhibition of artworks, fashion accessories, bags, outerwear, and home decor reinforce the country’s mastery in the sphere of sustainable fashion. If at all, the Maker’s Lab Totally Upcycled Challenge reflects the innate ability of Philippine creatives to produce world-class, conscious designs. 

According to organizers of ArteFino, criteria for judging include, among others, “values of transparency, innovative use of resources, sustainable process.” Design concept, craftsmanship also factor into the evaluation of each entry. Co-founders Cedie Vargas and Marimel Francisco conclude, “As in the past, we always aim to bring something new to the community. This being that year that we step out again, we hope to create an experience where everyone can immerse with the community.”  

Participants of the Maker’s Lab: Totally Upcycled Challenge include:

  1. Amparo’s Apothecary
  2. Art Cadance by Lira C. 
  3. Candle Ray
  4. CJ Martin
  5. DI SAIS
  6. Gabriel Buenbajo
  7. Happy Andrada
  8. Jorem
  9. Kinabuhi
  10. Krizia Jimenez
  11. Le Ngok
  12. MARIAMnl PH
  13. Modista
  14. Myke Francis Manila
  15. Nomadic PH
  16. Pavone La Poesia
  17. Pulido
  18. RIOtasso and Risque
  19. Joamar John
  20. Steph Verano
  21. Ten20 Kids
  22. The Leather Studio Manila
  23. Olive Tree
  24. Travel Fund by Sirius Dan
  25. Twinkle Ferraren
  26. UBots
  27. Vesti X Loui
  28. Victor Angelo
  29. Zapateria X LOKAL
  30. Zapateria X Maria Pinon
  31. Zarah Juan

To see the submission click on this link.

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Banner photo courtesy of ArteFino.

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