The Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023 Celebrates Brilliance And Philanthropy

Lifestyle Asia highlights the brilliance of human benevolence through the Philanthropic Excellence Awards during its 36th anniversary.

The Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023 celebrates human excellence and the brilliance of purpose at the Lakehall in Nena’s Sanctuary located in Sta. Elena Estate. The picturesque lake in front of the hall along with the festive drum beats, delicious cocktails, and the beautiful charcuterie grazing table by that went on for miles, set the mood easily for guests to converse and mingle, while looking stunning in their luxe loungewear.

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A warm and festive welcome

Premier Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble Bateria Brigada serenaded arriving guests during the gala’s cocktail hour and beautiful sunset. 

Brigada’s musical director Enrique de Dios said in an exclusive interview that the ensemble started playing 18 years ago. They have performed together for so long that they came up constantly with new arrangements. 

Their musical genre focuses on Brazilian samba and incorporates Asian music in their rhythms. “Sometimes we use Asian instruments,” de Dios explained. He narrated that the inspiration to pursue the genre was when he noticed there were no Brazilian musical groups in the country. 

The group performs happily with different instruments. Their happy expressions during performances and their incredible bond through the years flowed and became evident through their music. 

Bateria Brigada’s performance
Bateria Brigada / Photo courtesy of Kliq, Inc.

Lifestyle Asia Gala embodies “Beyond Luxury Living”

The gala officially began with eloquent words from esteemed news anchor and host Peter Murray. He expressed that he did not hesitate flying from Singapore to the Philippines just to be part of the magazine’s momentous occasion.

Peter Murray hosted the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023, “A Dinner By The Lake”
Peter Murray hosts the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023, “A Dinner By The Lake”/Photo courtesy of Kliq, Inc.

Murray stated that the night aimed to acknowledge and encourage noble initiatives in a world where responsible leadership can shine as symbols of hope. He added that people are catalysts for change which creates a legacy that goes beyond glitz and glamor. 

“And so, ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce the visionary driving force behind the pages of Lifestyle Asia,” he said. 

The magazine’s editor-in-chief Candy Dizon gave her account of the evening as well through her opening remarks. She highlighted that the Lifestyle Asia Gala for this year is a nod to its brand promise of “Beyond Luxury Living.”

Lifestyle Asia’s editor-in-chief Candy Dizon gives her opening remarks
Lifestyle Asia’s editor-in-chief Candy Dizon gives her opening remarks/Photo courtesy of Kliq, Inc.

Dizon said that the night honored organizations that have “taken the road less traveled while remaining steadfast.” She recognized that these groups knew in their hearts that generous acts sparks an inner flame of kindness in others. 

The editor-in-chief went on to say that Lifestyle Asia aimed to honor the organizations whose tremendous efforts in social responsibility resulted in positive outcomes in various fields. 

“In many ways, I believe that it is because of your kindness that we have made it this far together,” Dizon expressed. She also lovingly recognized the presence of her father, Cenen Dizon, which received a warm applause from the audience.

Sumptuous food and soulful music

The Lifestyle Asia Gala prepared an abundant array at the grazing table to be enjoyed during cocktails. It featured a generous charcuterie selection as well as spirits and cocktails for guests alongside the lakeside view and music from Bacteria Brigada.

Delectable treats from the dessert grazing spread
Delectable treats from the dessert grazing spread/Photo courtesy of Kliq, Inc.

Dinner was nothing short of exceptional with guests enjoying a sumptuous menu by Florabel. Manila-based community choir Los Cantantes de Manila serenaded the audience as they indulged in the six-course supper.

Los Cantantes performs songs on stage
Los Cantantes delivers a captivating performance / Photo courtesy of Kliq, Inc.

The dessert grazing table capped off the night. It consisted of decadent cakes, croquembouches, chocolates, macaroons, and more.

Newport World Resorts, Mariott Manila, Hotel Okura, Sheraton Manila, and Hilton Manila provided the desserts alongside esteemed chef Sunshine Puey and Croquembouche Factory.

The Philanthropic Excellence Awardees

The Lifestyle Asia Gala proceeded with the night’s highlight: the Philanthropic Excellence Awards. Companies who have sparked significant change in society received their awards after an audio-visual presentation of their inspiring social responsibility projects. 

All awardees on stage holding a one-of-a-kind bear trophies Nixxio Castrillo designed
Lifestyle Asia’s Philanthropic Excellence Awardees proudly hold their one-of-a-kind bear trophies designed by Nixxio Castrillo/Photo courtesy of Kliq, Inc.

Distinguished sculptor Nixxio Castrillo designed unique trophies formed as bears for the awardees. Each bear included a unique symbol of the awardees’ respective sectors. The awarding ceremony’s categories are environment, education, health, children, and food and there are two awardees for each.

The program ended with yet another heartfelt performance from Los Cantantes. They sang “A Million Dreams” as they scattered around the ballroom, filling the place with hauntingly beautiful vocals, leaving the audience enthralled. 

Lifestyle Asia’s 36th anniversary conveyed its dedication to its brand promise, imparting how luxury goes beyond the material and tangible through meaningful endeavors that leave a lasting and transformative impact to society. Small steps are, after all, big steps in the right direction.

This event is made possible by Lexus, Furnitalia, Poltrona Frau, Eluria by Arthaland, Opulence, Johnnie Walker Blue, GAOC, Tumi, Sula Spirits, and Brilyo Jewelry.

Banner photo by Kliq, Inc.

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