Two Seasons Boracay Resort Brings an Indulgent Dining Experience

Bask in the serene terrain of the barLo Resto Lounge as you taste their finest courses

Boracay may be home to numerous resorts along its seaside, yet only a few can bring a memorable experience of dining with a pristine beachfront in view. Whether you simply want to enjoy a serene atmosphere or lounge under the sun, Two Seasons Boracay Resort offers these and more. Directly facing the seashore, you can watch the sky bleed pink and orange hues as the sun sets or savor the cool night breeze at night from the resort’s famed barLo Resto Lounge. The lull you can experience in barLo is a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take your time savoring their signature and delectable dishes that will have you wanting to return for more.

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The new exterior of barLo Resto Lounge.
LEFT: Two Seasons Salad with Balsamic Honey Mustard. RIGHT: Crispy Rack of Pork.

The new favorites

Both new and loyal travelers of Boracay must try barLo’s Two Seasons Salad with Balsamic Honey Mustard and Crispy Rack of Pork. While the two are not among their signature dishes, these offer an interesting addition to your lunch or dinner.

Fans of salads will delight in the crisp greens. After all, the in-house chefs and team of Two Seasons bring only the freshest ingredients from the island itself from greens, livestock, to seafood. Dressed in the flavorful Balsamic Honey Mustard, the salad becomes a delightful starter with its sweet and sour profiles that blend well together.

For your main course, the Crispy Rack of Pork is one of the best among the selection. The burst of flavor will have you taking spoonful after spoonful of the tender pork with the rice. The pineapple bits and the sauce adds a sweet delectable surprise. With a slight kick of spice, the entire dish alone is satiating that you would almost refuse to taste other food. This local fare is simply unforgettable.

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Four Cheese Pizza.

The signatures

Dining at barLo restaurant would not be complete without tasting their signature dishes. Among the travelers’ favorites are the Four Cheese Pizza and Oyster Sisig. You can include these two in your regular menu or you can have them as appetizers and bites paired with Two Seasons’ fine selection of fruit juices.

Two Seasons Boracay’s take on the four cheese pizza is quite different. From the crisp crust up to the melt-in-your-mouth cheese, this well-known Italian delight has guests coming back for more. With the layers of cheese, you may expect it to be salty. Yet the variety from the cheddar, mozzarella, blue, and parmesan perfectly balance one another. Adding herbs on top, the pizza is the perfect pair for other scrumptious dishes.

Oyster Sisig.

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People return to the resort for the Oyster Sisig and some even attempt to make it on their own. Once you have tasted it, you would know the reason why. With oysters sourced directly from the waters of the island, you can taste its freshness in this delightful fare. While the egg yolk and mayo deliver the much-relished creamy consistency of the typical sisig, the Two Seasons’ version retains enough of the crisp texture. Hints of spice are added and it captures the lightness of a dish perfect to indulge in while at the beach.

The new interiors of barLo Resto Lounge.

With dishes both classic and new, your dining experience in barLo Resto Lounge will be truly one-of-a-kind. Where else can you relax and dine amidst a spacious cabana, facing the pristine white sand and ocean? Two Seasons Boracay Resort certainly has to be on your list for your next Boracay trip.

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