Three Designer Handbags Resembling Architectural Marvels

These luxury purses are the crossover of fashion and architecture—creating buildings through leather craftsmanship.

Fashion and architecture are two spheres that seldom meet. Though both are forms of art, fashion and architecture combined seems farfetched. Although, in recent years, the sphere of fashion has been collaborating and taking inspiration from other fields of art. 

In 2021, the late Virgil Abloh debuted a men’s runway piece that left everyone in the fashion and architecture industry in awe. As multiple puffer jackets that are 3D models of buildings from New York, Paris, and Chicago, the worlds of fashion and architecture collided. The collection marked the beginning of fashion and architecture being intertwined with each other. 

Aside from the puff jackets, designer brands are now creating bags modeled after or inspired by buildings. Moreover, carrying these handbags around is like carrying little buildings, definitely eye-catching pieces. 

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The coveted Hermès Birkin was redesigned to pay homage to the facade of 24 Rue de Faubourg. It has been the address of the landmark Hermès store ever since the founder’s son Charles-Émile took over the business in 1880. The Hermès Sac Faubourg collection features the facade of the historical for the brand—it is adorned with the little details of the storefront. Furthermore, the collection is so exclusive only a few bags were made for VIP clients of the fashion house.

heart evangelista wearing hermes
Heart Evangelista and her Hermès Sac Faubourg/ Photo via Instagram @iamhearte

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton collaboration with Fornasseti, an Italian luxury homeware brand, featured amazing bags that are printed with historic buildings. The collection was launched last 2021 so finding it today is truly a feat. Also, the building prints further accentuate the shapes of the bags, making them look like small buildings.

Louis Vuitton Cannes bag in collaboration with Fornasseti
Cannes bag in collaboration with Fornasseti/ Photo via Louis Vuitton website

Yue Shi 

An emerging Australian brand, Yue Shi creates handbags that resemble classical buildings. The artists are inspired by different cultures and their buildings—architectural marvels across the world are compressed into leather sculptures. 

yue shi bag
The Mini Coliseum/ Photo via Instagram @ys.atelier

Banner photo via Instagram @ys.atelier.

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