Unlike Any Other: To Go Aboard this Emissions-Free, Nuclear-Powered Megayacht, 40 Guests Will Shell Out $1M Each - The Scene

The $700-million gigayacht will have 22 laboratories, 160 scientists, 165 crew, 20 students, and 20 VIP suites.

Superyachts, much like airplanes, emit tons of carbon emissions. In a calculation by Indiana University anthropologists, a yacht large enough to house a permanent crew, a helicopter pad, submarines, and pools emit 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

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With an estimated 300 superyachts currently operating in different parts of the globe, the carbon emissions total to over 2 million tons. That’s more than an individual’s yearly emissions in about a quarter of the world’s countries.

Aaron Olivera, a Singapore-based entrepreneur, hopes to address that with a nuclear-powered megayacht.

Called Earth 300, the 984-feet long and 150-feet wide vessel—bigger than the current world’s largest superyacht, the Abu Dhabi royal family-owned Azzam—will accommodate guests seeking luxury travel and scientists who will research solutions to help mitigate the climate crisis.

“The ship will introduce features found on cruise, expedition, research, and luxury yachts, but she will be none of them,” says Olivera. “We wanted to build the Olympic torch of global science, to expand our knowledge and understanding of the universe, both above and below the ocean’s surface.”

Ocean research

Inside the sleek, 13-story gigayacht, there will be 22 laboratories for 160 scientists and 20 students who will gather and study data to be collected from the ship’s travels. About 20 experts in fields of economy, engineering, explorations, art, activism, and politics will also be aboard.

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An Architectural Digest report calls Earth 300 a “science sphere” that incorporates robotics, artificial intelligence, and the incredibly fast quantum computing. It feeds into an open source platform, too, allowing the world’s best and brightest minds to participate.

It also includes an observation deck, a helipad to transport passengers to and from the vessel, and a number of underwater expedition vehicles for deep-sea exploration.

Turning this proposed idea into reality will cost $700 million at most. At the moment, its backers include IBM, Triton Submarines, EYOS Expeditions and international maritime safety leader, RINA.

Terra Power, the nuclear innovation company by Bill Gates, developed the technology for the molten-salt reactor Earth 300 will use, making its zero-emissions travels possible.

Million-dollar trip

At least 165 crew members are set to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the yacht, while providing services to everyone on board. That includes the 40 guests staying at the ship’s 20 VIP suites.

Each guest on board is expected to pay an estimated amount of $1 million, inclusive of eco-tours and multiple opportunities to participate in the science inside the cutting-edge seafaring vessel.

At the moment, the ship’s preliminary design and naval engineering have been completed. Olivera and his team are looking at shipyards in Germany and South Korea for construction

It’s currently unknown how long the trips will be for guests, but Earth 300 is set to sail in 2025.

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