Why Traveling With Metrobank Is An Unbeatable Adventure

Set off on a globetrotting adventure with the Metrobank World Mastercard—where stress-free travel, exclusive perks, and unforgettable experiences await at every destination.

They say traveling to new places comes with a bunch of fantastic benefits. It helps reduce stress, gives you a chance to recharge, and lets you enjoy a break from your everyday routine.

Amidst the chaos in your head and the worries of the world, one thing remains paramount: your well-being.

Exploring foreign lands is even better when you have a partner by your side. Trust plays a starring role when you’re navigating the unfamiliar terrains of a foreign land. Having someone, whether a friend, family, significant other, or even a bank, that you can rely on is pure gold.

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Jet-Setting In Style

Speaking of banks – Discover the Metrobank World Mastercard, your magical key to unlocking extraordinary travel experiences. Wondering why? It’s simple – it transforms your travel escapades into a privileged, worry-free, and downright enjoyable affair. 

Ever had the longing to escape for a few days without the hassle of planning? Just the sheer desire to get away without a single worry occupying your mind?

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Well, the Metrobank World Mastercard has got your back. They get it – you’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to revel in comfort, rewards, fine dining, shopping sprees, and globetrotting.

Remember those times when contemplating where to go, what to do, and where to stay felt like an added layer of stress during your vacation? Why stress when all you want is to relax?

Luckily, Metrobank World Mastercard understands your desires. They’ve crafted a card that aligns with your aspirations for comfort and indulgence. And guess what? It’s just the beginning!

The Metrobank World Mastercard is now a comprehensive card catering to both travel and lifestyle needs tailor-made for travel enthusiasts. It’s designed for those who crave the best life has to offer.

You’ve heard the cliché “you only live once,” right? Well, as overused as it may be, it’s undeniably true. Personally, I’d rather not spend my only life stressing about what should be my time to unwind.

Embark on the Unforgettable

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With the Metrobank World Mastercard, you get to earn one mile for every Php 17 spend on foreign currency transactions, and relish a low forex rate of 1.85% for a limited time period.

Picture this – a rewarding experience filled with exclusive dining deals, luxurious shopping, and voyages around the world.

But wait, there’s more! Enjoy Discounts Galore! Planning to shop at prestigious stores overseas or relish local luxury dining?

Metrobank World Mastercard showers cardholders with discounts at over 4,000 partner stores in the US, UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and up to 50% discount at luxury restaurants in the Philippines!

Dreaming of going on an adventure and seeing new places? Get tickets to your choice of observation deck from SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, The Edge, Top of the Rock, or One World Observatory when you book a New York City Photo Safari!

Soak in Boston! Immerse yourself with the beauty of in New England splendor on a one-day tour of Boston from NYC.

You’ll sit back and relax with transportation from midtown Manhattan and a full itinerary planned by local experts featuring spectacular sights, sounds, and history.

Right now, whether you want to experience festivities abroad or create unforgettable family memories, the time is ripe. But hurry, this offer is only valid until May 2024!

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Your Partner in Creating Memories

With the prestigious Metrobank World Mastercard, you’re not just a cardholder; you’re a VIP. 

While waiting for your flight, you can relax in over 1,300 global airport lounges with your 2 complimentary lounge passes via Dragon Pass. Simply register your Metrobank World Mastercard in the Mastercard Travel Pass app or website.

And beyond earning rewards and enjoying discounts, you get your first two supplementary cards for free. Plus, a special 24-hour customer service hotline is at your beck and call for any card concerns.

Monitoring your expenses is a breeze too – simply link your Metrobank World Mastercard to the new Metrobank Mobile App.

With these exclusive perks, the Metrobank World Mastercard is your trusted, reliable, and rewarding companion for travel, shopping, and dining, both at home and abroad.

Don’t miss out on exploring the world – get the travel and lifestyle credit card you truly deserve. 

Apply for the Metrobank World Mastercard at apply.metrobank.com.ph/creditcard. 

Unleash your wanderlust and discover a world that’s truly yours.

Don’t just see the world; experience it with the card that’s designed for the adventurer in you.

To enjoy offers, register your Metrobank World Mastercard in these platforms: www.priceless.com
| https://mbcpc.co/MBWorldTravel | https://mbcpc.co/MBWorldRebates

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