Unveiling Sipalay's Secret: A Beautiful Way Of Life Has Just Emerged

The resort provides guests with a nature butler who offers guidance for a personalized and immersive nature experience.

Manami means “beautiful,” according to the Hiligaynon dialect—and that’s exactly what await guests in Manami Resort, tucked away in the nature oasis of Sipalay, Negros Occidental. Under Discovery Hospitality Corporation’s The Signature Collection, is the first and only luxury nature resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental and also a part of the Kiwi Collection, the curator of the world’s most exceptional hotels.

Manami Resort at Negros Occidental
An enchanting entrance await guests at Manami Resort

Understated Luxury Escape

According to the brand, “Manami means beautiful—beautiful nature experiences where humans live and immerse themselves, the beautiful connections created with family and friends, the beautiful feast of flavors over curated food, and the beautiful Negrense culture. With this local philosophy and spirit comes an ode and homage to the sweet and charming culture, the reverence to the nature reserve, and the peace that comes within, all coming together to make a ‘Manami nga pangabuhi’ which means ‘beautiful way of life’—the Manami life.”

The brand adds, “This Manami life’s spirit comes alive with the creation of a sanctuary woven in nature. It is celebrated being rooted from its vivid culture and profound connections with nature, with experiences that are more than just endearing tales to tell but also encounters that enrich.”

Manami Resort at Negros Occidental
The five-hectare estate honors the local culture, with its structure built where the hillside and coastline connect, offering majestic sea views of the Sulu Sea

The resort features 16 villas and suites perched on the hillside where guests can bask in the luxury of privacy. Among these are four poolside suites with private access to an exclusive pool and function space while eight oceanview suites at the second-most peak of the estate offer breathtaking vistas of the ocean.

Rich Regional Gastronomy

An homage to Negrense culture through rich regional gastronomy is showcased by Lingaw Restaurant. The brand shares, “Lingaw means ‘entertain’ in Hiligaynon, combining the local Negrense cuisine with aromatic Spanish flavors. With the tradition of delectable feasts, a culinary journey lies ahead with special experiences to relish in–fresh catch-to-table, evenings by design, and tableside paella, to name a few.”

Dayaw Function Room in Manami Resort at Negros Occidental
Dayaw Function Room

The brand elaborates, “Adjacent to the main pool is Hunas Sunset Deck and Bar—Hunas, which means ‘low tide’ in Hiligaynon. Featuring a selection of traditional beverages and concoctions where local flavor infusions will take the center stage along with Spanish pintxos and tapas. This iconic space is the main spot where connections and engagements are formed, and the signature welcome sunset cocktails are held.”

Reconnect With Nature

“Manami Resort features immersive and up-close-and-personal nature experiences such as sailing through the Sipalay Sea and exploring the underground,” says the resort, adding that, “A trip to the renowned Tinagong Dagat brings the experience of getting close to the hilly islets and actually swimming through it. Spend half a day taking a dip and sipping refreshments aboard. Get up close to the marine life with a snorkeling stopover at Campomanes Bay, as with a view of schools of fish in different patterns and colors swim into and out of the elaborate coral reef.”

Manami Resort at Negros Occidental
An aerial shot of Manami shows where guests can enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling

In addition the brand shares, “A distinct feature in Manami Resort is the in-property cave which is an adventure on its own. Right in the middle of this cavern is a stunning secret spot that engages you in a different perspective of life. Letting guests create a more profound connection with it, the resort’s signature Nature Butler will provide guidance through every journey, along with stories to share.”

Sweet Sanctuary 

A luxury experience in a nature resort wouldn’t be complete without a spa indulgence. 

According to Manami Resort, “From adventures and explorations, nature is also celebrated to become the healing ground for mind and body pampering with the state-of-the-art Linong Spa. Nestled on the higher parts of the hilly forest that enfolds the entire resort, the wellness center boasts a grounded yet refreshing lounge.

Blending the natural healing magic of the untouched Earth and the genuine care of the human touch, Linong Spa creates an extraordinary wellness experience with native cocoons atop the hill with singles and couple’s wellness huts. Wander through the best view of the resort, feel the rhythms and the vibrations of the nature sounds, relax the mind with the aroma of our signature oils, refresh with local tea, and discover rejuvenation like no other—an ultimate sensory experience.”

For more information, visit Manami Resort’s website at manamiresort.com, follow them on Instagram @manamilife and Facebook @ManamiResort. 

Banner photos courtesy of Manami Resort.

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