Sharon Stone Welcomes You To Her Colorful Art Exhibition

Actress Sharon Stone proves yet again that she is a multi-faceted artist. She ventures now in the art industry, where she showcases her current handiwork: paintings. 

Stone starred in films like Casino and Basic Instinct. She plays roles that are usually femme fatales or mysterious women on film and television. 

The actress contributed a lot in her career, but her talent led her to another industry. Little did she know, the pandemic would introduce her to the world of art, through a paint-by-the-numbers set. 

Stone now features her art through an exhibition in the C. Parker Gallery in Connecticut.

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Stone discovers affinity in art through a paint-by-the-numbers set 

The pandemic hit hard globally in 2020, causing people to be confined in their homes. Luckily, Stone’s friend had her best interests at heart and bought her a paint-by-the-numbers set. 

The Associated Press (AP) reported that Stone said her friend gave her the activity to keep her busy during the tough times. Her friend’s gesture unlocked another creative outlet of expression for herself.

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone/Photo via Instagram @sharonstone

Stone gave birth to her own abstract paintings with acrylic on canvas as she got frustrated to paint within the lines of her first paint set.

Stone confirmed that she loves to paint on big canvases during an interview with AP. She called her first exhibit, Shedding because she ‘shed’ a lot of oppression. 

“A lot of ‘You have to do it this way,’” Stone expressed. “You’re allowed to be creative, but it has to be like this.”

Welcome To My Garden, her second art exhibit

Stone titled her exhibit Welcome To My Garden, which features 19 of her works with a lot of abstract vibrancy. 

One of Stone’s paintings: "Defiance meets enlightenment"
One of Stone’s paintings: “Defiance meets enlightenment”/Photo via Instagram @sharonstone

Stone holds her second exhibition, Welcome To My Garden, outside Los Angeles for the first time. Collectors, art enthusiasts, and art critics praised Stone’s art, evidently radiating immense talent. 

The gallery recognized Stone’s ability to observe and interpret human behavior, turn flaws into strength, and still become victorious despite frailties. 

Stone said that her works help understand both creativity and heartfelt truths. It helps let go of “the noise, the judgements, and the pollution of our societal pulls” as well.

One of Stone’s paintings included in the exhibit
One of Stone’s paintings included in the exhibit/Photo via Instagram @cparkergallery
Another one of Stone’s paintings
Another one of Stone’s paintings/Photo via Instagram @cparkergallery

Stone’s paintings convey her connection to nature at every stroke of her brush. Stone said that color speaks to her, and that being a colorist determines the direction of her paintings. 

Painting makes Stone feel purposeful, valuable, and disciplined

C. Parker Gallery’s owner and curator Tiffany Benincasa expressed a high regard for Stone’s exhibition. She said the gallery is honored to present Stone’s highly anticipated, powerful art for their 10th anniversary season.

Benincasa added that the exhibit offers unseen panoramas into Stone’s creative prowess. Stone’s art encourages viewers to journey with her through the vibrant landscapes existing in her memory.

Stone said in her interview with AP that painting makes her feel purposeful, valuable, and disciplined. She added that what motivates her to paint is simply her love for it as painting brings her so much pleasure. 

Stone’s Welcome To My Garden exhibit runs from October 12 to December 3. 

Banner photo via C. Parker Gallery’s official website.

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