Wellness Essentials: 5 Retreats To Recharge And Renew Yourself

From serene havens to revitalizing practices, these retreats offer insights into cyclical awareness, self-care, and personal rejuvenation.

Wellness isn’t just some trend or new thing people are talking about.

It’s been around for a while, but lately, especially because of the pandemic, we’ve realized it’s not only about traveling and seeing new places. 

It’s about taking care of ourselves too.

Imagine a calm and peaceful spot where you can breathe fresh air, practice yoga, and just enjoy simple things like the sound of leaves rustling or birds chirping. 

This kind of place makes you feel like you’re starting anew, full of energy.

We only have one body, and we should treat it well. 

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That’s why we’re diving into the world of top-notch wellness retreats in the Philippines. 

Big shoutout to these amazing folks who give us a chance to connect with ourselves and refresh our minds. 

You’ll rediscover what you love, your dreams, your strengths, and most importantly, what makes you happy.


Dona Tumacder Esteban is all about weekend immersions that give women a boost in their overall well-being. She’s been at it for more than 10 years.

5 Retreats To Recharge And Renew Yourself
Dona Tumacder-Esteban/Photo via Instagram @innermoonwellbeing

Even though she’s put together longer retreats, the Weekend Immersions are just as worthwhile. 

These get-togethers bring women together to explore their natural cycles—like their menstrual periods—and the different phases of life, each with its own good stuff and challenges.

The immersion blends together things like exercises that connect the body and mind, wisdom from the native people, managing energy, and natural healing methods. 

All these fit into a weekend schedule: learning sessions, activities to get moving, chats where everyone gets to talk, and moments of quiet to help everything sink in. 

Oh, and the meals are all about health and taste too.

5 Retreats To Recharge And Renew Yourself
Photo via Instagram @innermoonwellbeing

When the pandemic hit, Dona went online with half-day and full-day retreats. And guess what? They worked pretty darn well. 

Her wellness retreats are all about these experiences. 

Not long ago, she organized a retreat that lasted four days and three nights in El Nido’s Eco Sanctuaries. 

Joined by Soul Speak Yoga, they went deep into rituals that have been around in native traditions.

So, how do you really get that wellness boost? Two big things. 

First, take time to rest—it’s seriously important, even if it’s not always easy with our go-go-go lives. 

Second, if you’re someone with a womb, know your body’s cycles. This isn’t just for folks with periods; it’s for everyone. 

Recognizing and understanding your natural rhythms is a big deal. If you’re looking for a starting point, try tracking your cycle.

5 Retreats To Recharge And Renew Yourself
Dona Tumacder-Esteban/Photo via Instagram @innermoonwellbeing

You can reach out to Dona’s Instagram (@innermoonwellbeing) through DM (direct message) to inquire about her next Weekend Immersion.


Francesca Warnke has learned a lot from arranging and leading wellness retreats for almost a decade. 

She’s noticed that folks come to these retreats looking for a fresh way to think and a new outlook on life.

Many times, people joining these retreats are dealing with tough things—losing someone, changing jobs, or going through big shifts in their relationships. 

They’re after a real transformation.

Photo via Instagram @awakenedsoul.ph

Francesca’s own journey led her to share practices like kundalini yoga, chi gong, meditation, breathwork, energy, and sound healing. 

These practices were her lifeline, saving her from the darkness of depression, addiction, and anxiety. 

They showed her that life isn’t all bad—there’s kindness in the world. 

These practices opened doors to her inner self and a world of new possibilities.

The most effective way to feel better starts with figuring out what’s wrong and trying to fix it. 

Feeling complete means getting all the pieces together. Loving yourself lets you be strong enough to change. 

It’s a tough first step, but it’s the one that leads to real change.

Join lead space holder Francesca and friends as they invite you to escape to tranquility at the serene Anahaw Farm and Resort in Lipa, Batangas for our #AnahawSoul Full Moon retreat on September 30-October 1, 2023. Indulge in a weekend of mindful movement and soul-soothing sounds while connecting with kindred spirits.

Photo via Instagram @awakenedsoul.ph

Want more information on Francesca’s upcoming wellness retreats? You can send a DM to her Instagram (@awakenedsoul.ph) to inquire and register for the Anahaw Soul Full Moon Retreat.


Francesca Regala provides insights into a decade of transformative Yoga & Wellness Retreats. These have cultivated experiences through various platforms.

These platforms are Templa Wellness, Yoga Sadhana Journeys, and Roots of Wisdom Retreats for Women (with partner and co-founder Lee Grane). 

The retreats are spanning from day-long escapes to immersive weeks. 

They have graced the Philippines’ scenic havens like Boracay, Dumaguete, Coron, and El Nido in Palawan. They’ve also ventured to exotic lands like Siem Reap, Cambodia and Ubud, Bali. 

Francesca Regala
Francesca Regala/Photo via Roots of Wisdom website

With yoga at the core, their retreats intertwine elements like sound healing, kirtan, and cultural immersions for an enriching journey. 

The motivation driving their practice was born from a life-changing retreat in Mexico. 

It inspires them to share similar experiences and showcase the splendors of the Philippines. 

Unveiling the secret to enhanced wellness, they emphasize intention, disciplined action, and self-motivation as the cornerstones of a healthier life. 

Don’t miss their upcoming Bali Bliss Retreat in Ubud, Bali, from October 1-6, 2023. 

Embrace morning yoga, sacred sounds, and nature’s healing power. Let Bali’s energy and wisdom guide your realignment and revitalization journey.

You can check Roots of Wisdom’s website for more news or register for the Bali Bliss Retreat here.


Flow Retreats has been a wellness haven since 2009.

It thrives on conscious living through yoga, retreats, fitness, and more. 

Flow Retreats
Photo via Instagram @flowretreats

Nestled in enchanting locales like organic farms and eco-resorts, their transformative retreats offer mind-body-soul workshops. 

Beyond retreats, Flow Retreats hosts wellness workshops, moon gatherings, and markets. 

Flow Retreats
Photo via Instagram @flowretreats

On September 17, 2023, immerse in Dayscape, a one-day retreat at Kai Farms, Silang, Cavite, with yoga, pilates, forest bathing, and hiking.

They also include activities like farm trails, seed sowing, Cacao circle, bodywork, and an organic lunch, all dedicated to rejuvenation and well-being.

Check out @flowretreats on Instagram to know more or sign up for Dayscape at flowretreats.com.


In today’s fast-paced world, technology and demanding work schedules often disconnect us from our true selves.

SoulSpeak Mindfulness & Yoga Retreats emerges as a sanctuary. 

Best friends Moshe Reyes and Nella Lomotan share a passion for nature and community, driving their creation of SoulSpeak. 

For nearly two decades, they’ve provided spaces for peace of mind, self-connection, and communion with nature. 

Yoga sessions for the mind
Soul Indulgence Retreat/Photo via Instagram @soulspeakyoga

SoulSpeak retreats, held across the Philippines, offer restoration, healing, and self-discovery. 

Nature’s transformative impact on Moshe and Nella fuels their mission to reconnect people with nature’s embrace. 

Guided by compassionate facilitators equipped with healing tools, SoulSpeak nurtures safe spaces for inner exploration.

Led by experienced teachers and professionals, the SoulSpeak community centers on one heartfelt desire: to foster healing and cultivate reverence for nature’s potential. 

Yoga sessions at Shangri-la Boracay
Soul Indulgence Retreat/Photo via Instagram @soulspeakyoga

Join them on a retreat that aligns your true self with your soul’s purpose. SoulSpeak will have a Marine and Mindfulness Camp happening on October 20-22 and November 17-19, 2023.

This mission transcends ego, aiming to converse directly with your soul. 

SoulSpeak aspires to make a lasting, positive impact. Check them out on Instagram @soulspeakyoga, or website at soulspeakretreats.com, embark on this journey, and uncover the awe-inspiring beauty of your soul’s summit.

Banner photo via Instagram @innermoonwellbeing.

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