What Dreams May Come: At the World’s Largest Natural Garden, Millions of Plants and Flowers Bloom Almost Impossibly in the Desert - Travel

Behemoth structures house around 250 million plants and 50 million flowers at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Nothing prepared me for it—that is, the Dubai Miracle Garden. I have seen the much-talked-about  sensation, as colorful backdrops in films, well-researched documentaries, glossy magazine features, spotlights on online articles, plus countless Youtube vlogs galore. 

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And this is without my exposure to social media. I can just imagine how much more content is available.

But still, nothing prepared me for it. I have been a witness to the unprecedented transformation of Dubai of inconceivable developments firsthand from my attendance in travel and tourism of eras past.

In several years—possibly not even an entire decade—it has metamorphosed into a supermassive megacity of skyscrapers and towers, highways and byways, plazas, and parks.

They have continued to create fully-customized islands. They have constructed several hallowed, venerated mosques and all-encompassing mall complexes. One seemed like a museum with coveted art pieces and desirable sculptures. Another one even had a real fossilized dinosaur shipped from America.

The megacity continuously hosts prestigious international events and concerts, congresses, and conventions that governments can only dream of, to the delight of hotels, sans comparison globally.

Natural garden

After over a week of discovering wonder upon wonder, I would spot a solitary plant and a duo of shrubs of weeds in open desert spaces. I somehow remained skeptical of the existence of an entire garden in the middle of the dry and arid barren landscape despite how much I anticipated it.

But still, nothing prepared me for it. Upon arrival at the Dubai Miracle Garden, I froze. Eyes instantly popped out, jaw dropped and simultaneously, my mouth opened. Astonished, amazed, and awed. Finally, “Wow! ¡Madre de Dios!” was all that I could say.

Looking back, why would I even be surprised? I believe in miracles. It spans 72,000 square meters, which makes it the world’s largest natural garden with over 250 million plants and 50 million flowers, cycled in and out depending on the season. Yes, you heard it right: no artificial flowers, no fake foliage around!

“How do they keep everything alive?” I speculated. A quick reply: by using advanced technology, they recycle the city’s water—and they go through an average of 760 thousand liters of water in a single day!

We entered through a Giant Tortoise, totally covered with florets, and immediately noticed the Amphitheater, a newly-renovated palace which regularly hosted events and parades and everything else under the sun. At the top, we had a breathtaking view of the entire expanse—and primed us for what was in store for the rest of the day.

Favorite spots were rolling hills enveloped with alternating varieties of blooms and more blooms, in what seemed like a play on our eyes. 

Nearby was the Floral Clock, a usual staple in some European gardens. This was a 15 meter-high structure all dressed in floral designs, giving precise time—a living, breathing piece of art. 

An eye-catching area—as seen in several films—was the heart-shaped frames that formed into a long passage. Adorned with white, red and pink flowers, it evoked care and affection, love, and devotion. It’s the go-to spot for couples on holiday. 

In the same vein, a butterfly-laden pathway took inspiration from the former, as this attraction boasted of majestic wings with an assortment of flowerets on each layer.

Grand gardens

With the midday sun directly above us—remember, we were in the middle of a desert—we sought some shelter at the explosion of colors in the Umbrella Lane. There, upside-down parasols acted as shade while we enjoyed some treats and drinks from nearby cafes.

The Floral Castle transported us to a world straight out of fairy tales, with towers and gates all adorned with flora. These are likewise utilized as stopovers for weary visitors and offered sites for snacks.

Perhaps only in fables, there was a seemingly lone pond in the center of the entire park. It was surrounded by slowly-swaying-with-the-wind willow trees, with vines, creepers and crawlers. It was a serene calming view for those who wanted a quieter hideaway.

Finally, we have come to the behemoths of the garden—the grandest of the grand. We stared in disbelief at an enormous Teddy Bear which goes up to 12 meters high. The cuddly colossus, although huge, held a cute heart—an adorable touch.

The most striking representative of this estate was the faithful recreation of a life-sized Emirates Airbus A380, all covered with blossoming flowers, paired with an equally charming departure strip. 

With a weight of 100 tons, this aircraft was inducted as the Largest Floral Arrangement in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016.

Happiest place on earth

Just as we thought we have seen everything, we were proven wrong. We were quickly ushered to Disney Avenue. This was the first-ever collaboration with the multimedia Walt Disney Company, which brought most fan-favorite characters. 

At a modest 35 tons and 18 meters tall, the poster boy Mickey Mouse was a dedication to the 90th anniversary of the beloved Disney Studios.

This herculean figure was likewise immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2018 as the World’s Largest Topiary Structure. And if that was not enough, later in the year, other household names such as Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy joined in and accompanied the world’s most loved mouse.

We are certain that Dubai will always have the biggest, the grandest and the best. And yet, my refrain remains the same: nothing will ever prepare me for it.

This story originally came out in the November 2020 issue of Lifestyle Asia.

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