Whispering Wealth: Five Bags That Scream Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is a trend that is on the rise, valuing minimalism and effective designs-the trend is here to stay.

In recent years, the Logomania trend has taken over the internet by storm. Influencers and celebrities sporting different outfits with loud and large monograms from different fashion houses flooded Instagram feeds. 

During the loud and ostentatious Logomania trend, some brands stayed true to their aesthetic and exuded quiet luxury, an aesthetic that exudes dignified grace through minimal yet impactful and effective designs. Quiet luxury can be explained by the saying, “Money talks but wealth whispers.” 

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Aside from the clothes, bags also signify the quiet luxury aesthetic. Arm candies that are considered the epitome of luxury are must-haves. With classic designs and impeccable materials, these bags scream or dare we say whisper, the quiet luxury aesthetic. 

Hermes Picotin

The bucket bag of your dreams. The Hermès Picotin combines the sleek style of a bucket bag and the leather craftsmanship that Hermès is known for. A bag that can be dressed up for formal and evening occasions, and a bag you can use every day for convenience, the Hermès Picotin is both luxurious and flexible at the same time. 

Photo via Hermes

Celine Box Bag

A bag that has no logos or branding, the Celine Box Bag is the perfect quiet luxury bag for everyday use. Made with calf leather, the delicate skin juxtaposed with a sturdy accordion structure—mixes both the beauty of delicate and high-quality materials with impeccable and functional design.

Photo via Celine

Lemaire Croissant Bag

From a brand that offers timeless Parisian styles, the Lemaire Croissant Bag is crafted with the best materials. Understated and subtle, the bag provides an extra layer of style for those who use it. Perfect for the on-the-go but fashionable person—the croissant shape of the bag is both stylish and roomy. 

Photo via Lemaire

Bottega Veneta Sardine Bag

Bottega Veneta, a brand known for its leather craftsmanship, came up with a bag that is both fun and classic. The sardine top handle is made of metal combined with the famous Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather weave, the bag is a statement piece without sacrificing the quiet luxury aesthetic the brand has. 

Loewe Elephant Bag

A playful and creative take on a bag, the Loewe Elephant bag is both loud and understated. Complicated leather craftsmanship is utilized to create a bag that is whimsical yet classic. The bag can be worn two ways, by hand or by the shoulder, but whatever way it is carried the bag is a quiet statement that you can have fun and at the same time value craftsmanship. 

Photo via Loewe

Banner photo via Instagram @vk_8112.

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