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If you’re looking for a designer that truly delivers top-to-bottom styling perfection for life’s biggest moments, Bianca Cordero is the only top choice

No name inspires respect and admiration in the fashion industry quite like Bianca Cordero

We get it. We all want our life-defining moments to live up to our expectations. Whether it’s a huge career milestone, an unforgettable celebration with friends and family, or perhaps even the wedding of your dreams, we’re pretty certain that you have vividly envisioned the breathtaking dress or suit that you would proudly don for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Luckily enough, there are designers whose legacy, talent, and pedigree speaks for them. There are designers who will stop at nothing in providing you with the ensemble that you will cherish forever, whenever you remember that wedding, graduation ceremony, or presentation. For these kinds of moments, Bianca Cordero is your expert.

A portfolio built with legacy

Like most great individuals, Bianca Cordero was already revealing glimpses of the creative talent she possessed at quite a young age, as she would mix and match outfits from her father’s designer wardrobe during his business trips. This keen eye for fashion would eventually sprout into a career, as Bianca herself would venture into the fashion trade in Asia and the Pacific.

Getting her start in styling and designing celebrity’s wardrobes for their television shoots and commercials, Bianca would eventually decide to make her venture into fashion full-time, culminating in the opening of her very own self-titled studio at Rockwell, Makati, which has now since moved to White Plains, Quezon City.

It seems that such a decision has paid off for Bianca, as she discovered that her undeniable talent shines its brightest whenever she creates custom-made apparel. While she still renders styling services personally, Bianca has made her mark in designing iconic styles and outfits for a variety of gargantuan names in both the industries of media and fashion. From big screen stars such as Derek Ramsay, Heart Evangelista, and Solenn Heusaff, to beauty queens reigning in pageants such as Miss Universe and Miss America, Bianca takes pride in each piece of fabric she touches.

“Always maintain a marked competitive edge in the areas of quality and design”

Bianca Cordero’s secret ingredient to her success

A tested process

It seems that such a long list of star-studded clientele and numerous accolades would not be conceived without a tempered structure keeping every moving part of a fashion studio in its place. Bianca shares that she first encounters clients usually through an email or Instagram message, or by referral from past loyal clients. Basic requirements such as the client’s event details, the date of event, and of course the wearer’s desired outfit are discussed before an appointment is even set.

A major feature that Bianca and her studio always makes sure to instill in every design is versatility. As a designer well-renowned for having designs so versatile that clients can wear any piece in two unique styles; Bianca shares that her studio is able to achieve such flexibility through the utilization of clean-cut designs and modern silhouettes. To add sophistication and depth, Bianca makes sure to pay attention to every painstaking detail of an outfit’s overall look from accessories, right down to footwear.

Empathy in every thread

Beyond pristinely-assembled outfits fit for any occasion, the most attractive thing that Bianca and her determined team of creatives have to offer is the disarming power of respect and empathy. Client satisfaction remains the primary concern for Bianca, each of which she accords with enviable personalized service. Bianca has maintained a succinct strictness with fitting schedules and committed deadlines, as she understands the value of both her and her clientele’s time as well.

“I am very hands on when it comes to servicing our clients from designing wardrobes to initial fittings. We make sure that we strictly adhere to our agreed schedules”

Bianca Cordero’s approach to her clientele

As someone who truly understands life’s biggest moments, Bianca believes that all of her clients will be able to command respect while attracting attention at the same time, whenever they don her outfits. Bianca believes in a certain balance in each of her ensembles, as she strives to make each outfit dance in the fine line between individuality and sophistication. 

Looking to get an appointment with Bianca? Make sure to visit her official website and follow her at her official Instagram page for the latest updates.

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