13 Years of Lexus in Manila: More than a Decade of Takumi, and Moving Toward an Electric Future - Play

In the last year alone, the luxury automaker launched new variants of flagship models.

It was 13 years ago when Lexus first opened its doors in the Philippines. Its lineup of luxury sedans, coupes, crossovers, and SUVs showcase not only cutting-edge technology but also exhibit the artistry of Takumi craftsmanship.

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The past year had special milestones for the brand starting with the launch of the new LS. It was followed by the newest variant of the Lexus IS, marking the resurgence of these luxury sedans.

The new Lexus LS

The new Lexus LS is the flagship sedan of the automaker, and also offers personalization that can suit the selective taste of each customer. And with the new LS sedan, this kind of creativity is a full-on display of the skills and experience required to create such an awe-inspiring interior space.

The all-new IS sport sedan also made its debut with an additional variant suitable for first-time luxury car buyers.

The Lexus IS300H was born and bred at the Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama Test Track—where the toughest and most challenging roads in the world have been recreated. Every facet of its performance was developed on that extremely challenging on-road course. Moving forward, the new IS sets the bar for the dynamic handling of all future Lexus models.

The Lexus IS 300h.

Just before the year ended, Lexus introduced the new ES—a model renowned for its quiet, smooth performance and high levels of cabin comfort and spaciousness. The current changes focus on strengthening these qualities, refreshing the car’s styling, improving ride and responsiveness, and introducing new, technology-led equipment features.

For added customer convenience, Lexus’ unique interpretation of Japanese hospitality can now be experienced from the palm of your hand with the arrival of the MyLexus Mobile App. With it, owning and maintaining a Lexus is now easier and more convenient than ever before.

A different tomorrow

With an unyielding spirit of innovation and support from buyers around the world, Lexus has continued to evolve as a luxury lifestyle brand.

Lexus has delivered amazing product and brand experiences with new technologies and value since 1989. Now, the automotive industry has entered a period of once-in-a-century transformation.

Last March, Lexus held the world premiere of LF-Z Electrified, a conceptual BEV that incorporates driving performance, styling, and technologies envisioned for realization by 2025.

It features balance achieved through the optimal placement of the battery and electric motors. It also includes, among others, a four-wheel driving force control technology known as DIRECT4 that generates a superior and highly flexible driving performance. Also, in the near future, Lexus plans to incorporate technologies and advanced infotainment functions that will further enrich its customers’ mobility experience.

During LF-Z Electrified, a BEV concept car was introduced

For Lexus in the Philippines, hybrid technology has always been as much about outright performance as it has been with improving fuel-efficiency. Today, the LS, IS, RX, and NX hybrid variants are available locally.

The term ‘hybrid’ has become synonymous with environmental awareness in transport and is recognized by consumers as one of the most reliable, stress-free drivetrains on the market. But while the core principles of the technology have not changed, there have been numerous refinements along the way.

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