7 Millennials Share Their Dream Destinations After the Pandemic

As the nostalgia for traveling grows, we talk to more young people to reveal where they want to head next once the pandemic is under control.

It has been almost a year since many of us haven’t traveled and the desire to do so only grows each day. However, with the risk outside, we are left to travel through watching lush landscape films or reminiscing with our past trip photos. As we write our plans, we couldn’t help but include places we want to visit once the pandemic is over. Another set of young members of society talk to us and share their dream destinations after the pandemic.

Michaela basking in the beauty of South Korea.

Michaela Eduque

“Definitely Korea,” Michaela answers when asked where she wants to head first. “I usually go there multiple times a year so it’s definitely been really sad that I couldn’t go at all this year,” she adds. South Korea’s captivating history, culture, delightful dining scene, and excellent tourism infrastructure all deserve to be experienced again. As Michaela talks about the wonderful country, one can perceive how she fiercely misses it and “seeing my friends there and just hanging out, having fun, and having food comas with them again,” she muses. Apart from the wonders of the city, nothing beats the allure of witnessing cherry blossoms bloom in spring or the bold hues of red, orange, and yellow leaves fall in autumn. The backdrops are simply exquisite and Michaela hopes to see all these and more in the near future.

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LEFT: Stephanie and Javier in Rome. (Photo by Katerina Kutas) RIGHT: The couple in Paris. (Photo by Olga Mayskaya)
(Photo by Olga Mayskaya)

Stephanie Tang-Daez

As newlyweds right before the pandemic, Stephanie and her husband Javier Daez initially planned to hold their honeymoon in two destinations—Rome and South America. However, the coronavirus outbreak forced them to adjust their plans. In Rome, she reveals they were supposed to go on a “sposi novelli.” As she explains, “[it’s] a special blessing for newlyweds given by Pope Francis where you get to personally meet the pope up close, shake his hand, and he prays for you.” It would have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they had to give up.  Nevertheless, Stephanie reflects on their other plans in South America where they intended to visit Peru, Argentina, and Chile. She and Javier would have done “outdoor adventures, nature trekking, hiking, city explorations, historical sites, food tripping, vineyard tours with wine tasting, R&R, and just visiting new places,” she elaborates. Despite these canceled plans, she knows to remain grateful and simply look forward to fulfilling her dream trips soon.

Emilio with his family: mom Joanna, sister Monica, and brother Diego.

Emilio Dizon

Time and again, everyone who has visited Paris can attest to its magical charm coming from its rich cultural heritage. Emilio is one to miss it dearly, “It never ceases to amaze me how much I grow to love the city more each time I visit.” From the quaint cobblestone streets, the exuberant, ornate architecture of museums and opera houses, to the lovely tea salons, the fascinating and romantic spirit is not amiss in this destination. Emilio looks forward to experiencing these and more, “the iconic landmarks, the parks and street corners that seem to come out of a painting, the museums that showcase art and artists straight out of books, and of course the French cuisine.” Of course, his future trip wouldn’t be complete without the presence of his family who he truly considers as “the best travel buddies.”

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Sofia in Los Angeles where she worked for a year and has been spending summers with her family.

Sofia Coyiuto

Having spent years in Los Angeles, Sofia fell in love with its thriving entertainment and dining scene. From the sprawling grounds of the city, the glamour of Hollywood Boulevard, and the enlivening stretch of sand and crystal waters making up Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, there is so much more to experience in LA. “Going there always reminds me of the wide-eyed feeling I had as a fresh [college graduate] when I felt like I could do anything,” Sofia says. Her family started spending summer vacations there that it eventually became a second home to her. Together, they would go on hiking trips and simply explore life outdoors. Sofia longs to relive all these treasured memories again, “I can’t wait to go back.”

Daniel in Baguio with his brother Matt and sister Mia.

Daniel Laurel

“I have always been a big fan of traveling around Asia,” Daniel reveals with enthusiasm. He wants to explore more of the breathtaking places here in the country, and Siargao is on top of his list. With its clear turquoise waters, lush coconut palm trees, and marvelous lagoons, Siargao is a must-visit for every tourist—whether you have a soul hungry for surfing or not. “My brother Matt has been raving about Siargao and tells me it’s the best place for spiritual detox,” Daniel elaborates. Getting sunlight and having a few sessions of yoga are what he admits needing the most these days. Given months of staying under a lockdown, who wouldn’t agree? The cool breeze and lovely sights of nature, especially from the beach, definitely make for an unforgettable experience.

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LEFT: Jacqui in Germany. RIGHT: Taken in South Korea.

Jacqui Dizon

Among the destinations on her list, Jacqui reveals wanting to visit the United Kingdom. “I only hear great things from my friends who have visited,” she clarifies. The influential country is brimming with fascinating historic sites that it would be a waste not to witness and learn all about these cultural traditions. From the breathtaking enormous stones of Stonehedge to the beautiful treasures displayed in museums like the Tower of London and The British Museum, UK is a definite travel destination. “I’m excited to experience the culture and history as I’ve always been fascinated by it,” Jacqui says. Soon, she and her sister are launching a new jewelry line, and she thinks it is best to take inspiration from her trips. For now, they can only look at references online while they wait for when it is finally safe to travel.

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LEFT: Paj in Amanpulo. RIGHT: Paj took a photo of a tortoise in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island.

Paj Rodriguez

As the Executive Vice President of Asian Aerospace, Paj is familiar with hopping from one island to another. Through Airtaxi.ph, he and many other travelers have gone to destinations like Cebu, Amanpulo, and Camiguin. Of course, safety protocols are always followed, keeping fliers safe as they reach their destination. As for Paj, he recently visited Amanpulo and is now in Boracay, attending to his work responsibilities. Beyond the attention he gives to the company, Paj talks about what he wants to enjoy in these destinations, “Go diving to enjoy nature with its many splendors.” In Boracay, he couldn’t resist savoring the fresh juices from the island. “A fruit shake from Jonah’s wouldn’t be a bad idea,” he affirms. After all, being under a lockdown in Manila for many months definitely calls for a break, and for Paj, his recent travels are fulfilling those.

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