Txoko Asador, Your Top Choice For Spanish Cuisine

Opening just before the pandemic, this restaurant has risen to become the go-to spot for Spanish cuisine lovers.

Spanish restaurant Txoko Asador opened in 2020. A few weeks before that dreaded lockdown that affected everyone’s life.

It would have disheartened anyone who has invested so much in a restaurant only to have it closed during a pandemic that we never thought would happen in our lifetime. 

It was a shame as Txoko seemed to be destined to be one of the better Spanish restaurants in the metro, having such glowing reviews from social media foodies during the few dinners they did manage to have before the lockdown.

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Starters/Photo courtesy of Pepper Teehankee and Txoko

Fast forward to today, Txoko has survived and is more popular than ever! The food is superb and they get even more inventive as time passes.

The partners are thankful. Thankful their business is thriving and that people love their food. Under the helm of their chef Albert Mendoza, Txoko is the choice of Spanish restaurant right now.

Txoko Chef Albert Mendoza prepares Rodaballo.
Txoko Chef Albert Mendoza/Photo courtesy of Pepper Teehankee and Txoko

A simple thanksgiving dinner was thrown for guests including food lovers and the diplomatic corps who have supported Txoko in its still young life.

Don’t ever skip the starters here since these are drool worthy! 

During the dinner, four types were passed around during pre-dinner cocktails and the most popular was a piece of foie gras sandwiched between two thin crisp fried chicken skins. 

Deadly but delicious and so worth eating! The Pan con Tomate y Jamon is the most popular starter where one bites into a thin bread pillow stuffed with tomato foam and topped with jamon Serrano. 

Their homemade anchovies are worth trying as well.

The Iberico Secreto (Iberian pork) was cooked so perfectly that people tend to forget that this is one of the few types of pork that actually can be eaten when it is not fully cooked! 

Txoko's Iberico Secreto (Iberian pork).
Iberico Secreto (Iberian pork)/Photo courtesy of Pepper Teehankee and Txoko

All the paella served here is excellent, especially the mushroom paella served with bone marrow. 

A crowd favorite is the Canelones Txangurro – crab cannelloni with seafood béchamel. When available, do order the Rodaballo or turbot. 

The fish is imported from Spain and is one of the most prized in the world for its delicate flavor. Txoko also has Cochinillo (roast pig) from Segovia.

Txoko's Alcachofa
Alcachofa/Photo courtesy of Pepper Teehankee and Txoko

Their menu is extensive. So is their wine list. Their offerings can cater to a wide array of diners but one thing is certain, everyone leaves Txoko content and satisfied.

Pandemic or not, Txoko was indeed destined to be one of the best Spanish restaurants in Manila. There is truly a lot to thank for. Manila has to thank Txoko for existing.

The restaurant's partners.
Txoko partners Dennis Pamintuan, Bobby Tenchavez, Randy Libre, Tinchu Gonzalez, Magsy Concepcion, Carlo Calma Lorenzana/Photo courtesy of Pepper Teehankee and Txoko

Txoko Asador is located at 102 Esteban Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. Call 90956) 0473224 for inquiries or reservations.

Banner photo courtesy of Pepper Teehankee and Txoko.

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