A Contemporary Epicurean Universe: This Award-Winning Cantonese Restaurant Has Opened Its First Philippine Outlet - New Restaurants

The much-anticipated restaurant opening introduces to the Philippines Mott 32’s signature modern approach to Chinese cuisine–a complete feast for the senses–fusing unique culinary flavors, innovative cocktails, and stunning interiors that complete the Mott 32 experience.

Acclaimed and award-winning Cantonese restaurant Mott 32 opens its first Philippine outlet in NUSTAR Resort and Casino, located in South Road Properties, Cebu City’s fastest emerging urban development area.

“We’re very excited to bring the Mott 32 experience to the Philippines at this flagship location; the elevated Chinese cuisine, exceptional service, strong beverage program, and amazing location make it a truly unique offering in the country’s diverse culinary scene,” explains Co-Founder, Malcolm Wood.

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Respect for tradition and an appreciation for adventure

The menu includes Mott 32 classic offerings from the flagship restaurant in Hong Kong, helmed by Group Chinese Executive Chef, Lee Man Sing. Mott 32 Cebu will be helmed by head chef Tam Wai Sang who has 35 years of culinary experience. Chef Tam was trained by Mott 32 master chef Lee Man Sing in preparation for Mott 32 Cebu’s opening. With Chef Tam’s specialty in Cantonese cuisine, as well as a history of chefs under his generational belt, his leadership in the Philippine outlet aims to bring the best out of time-honored recipes passed down from generation to generation. 

The dishes are mainly crafted from a Cantonese palate with influences of Beijing and Szechuan flavors, utilizing traditional recipes, quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques from around the world.

Signature dishes

Mott 32’s culinary philosophy is formed with a deep respect and appreciation for tradition and a yearning to introduce these cultural roots and create an exciting contemporary epicurean universe for its guests. Maximal Concepts Co-Founder Xuan Mu says, “At Mott 32, we are dedicated to serving authentic, timeless recipes that pay homage to Chinese cuisine. We are thrilled to be bringing a unique dining experience to Cebu this year.”

Mott 32’s signature dishes that have been lauded by diners from other outlets across the globe include the dish called Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork. This Cha Siu dish highlights the Iberian pluma cut which has an intricate marbling that further emphasizes the sweetness of the pork fat. The char siu is glazed with honey from Anhui’s Yellow Mountain, one of China’s most famous mountains and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another Mott 32 signature is the Applewood Roasted Peking Duck which uses a special marinating technique before being meticulously prepared for over 48 hours in a custom fridge and finished in a brick oven smoked with Applewood. 

Libations and beyond

Mott 32 Cebu offers a wide selection of contemporary drinks, and premium and craft spirits including eastern and western liquors to give patrons a unique tipple experience. The restaurant has mixologists who have carefully curated a selection of exclusive cocktails inspired by Asian ingredients and culture. 

Mott 32’s signature cocktail is the Hanami, a flavorful blend of Whiskey, Gin, Umeshu, Yuzu, Shiso, Ginger Beer, and Chrysanthemum. Another go-to favorite is the Hong Kong Iced Tea which is made from Tequila, Lillet Blanc, Blackcurrant, and Jasmine Tea.

Finally, the restaurant carries an impressive collection of Old and New World wines to cater to any discerning patron.

For inquiries and reservations, email [email protected]

Banner photo courtesy of Mott 32.

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