A Tan Without Sun Time? Here’s How You Can Achieve That Beautiful and Natural Sun-Kissed Glow

It’s now possible to have a wonderful glowing tan without going out under the sun

In a country that has been subject to a perception in which fair skin is considered beautiful, the past years witnessed the steady rise of a positive change. Through campaigns and influence of discerning morena beauty and style icons like Isabella Daza and Kiana Valenciano, more Filipinos are becoming comfortable with their natural skin color. In fact, this movement has compelled others to search for alternatives to even out their skin tone or achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. We have heard of horror stories about tanning sessions that can give an unpleasant experience, however, there is now a safe and fast tanning solution through SPRAY. Tanning enthusiasts will certainly love this automated spray tanning, boosting your confidence in your skin.

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Coco Chanel. (Photos from Inside Chanel)

The rise of tan

For decades, having fair skin has always been associated with the noble classes. The other end of the skin tone spectrum has been affiliated with working out in the fields, creating a negative connotation. Yet when the industrial revolution came, people have noticed how sunlight is actually crucial to the health of the body. Thus, people are no longer afraid of moving out of the shadows again.

Tanning came to trend from Coco Chanel. During a cruise to Cannes, she earned a sunburnt skin and women came to love and began replicating her look. Eventually in the 1950s, the first self-tanning product Man-Tan was produced. About two decades later, sunbeds were invented and the entire process of self-tanning became a part of the beauty industry.

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Cat Varona, Jess Kienle, Fabienne Aboitiz, and Nicole Sala.
LEFT: interiors of the studio. RIGHT: premium tanning products.

Beneath a sunless sky

In the country, there are not many self-tanning solutions. Thankfully, good friends Jess Kienle, Fabienne Aboitiz, Nicole Sala, and Catalina Varona first conceptualized SPRAY. They noticed an increasing number of Filipinos embracing a healthier lifestyle through a natural glowing tan. While the tanning industry seems to be at its early stages in the country, there is a growing need for safer, consistent, and fast tanning solutions. A tanning studio, SPRAY uses Mystic Tan Kyss. A tanning booth, it uses state-of-the-art technology for a complete and even coverage of natural color.

With only two positions and in four minutes, you can get a tan unique to you. The spray modifies the color according to the top layer of your skin. You need not worry about going out under the sun’s harmful UV rays or dread the orange color other tanning sprays emit. The faux tan can last from five to seven days, varying on how well you take care of your skin. Day or night, you can flaunt a beautiful glowing tan without spending hours under the sun.

SPRAY studio is located at R4-402, R4 Level Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati City. For more information, visit www.sprayph.com or follow their Instagram account @spray.ph.

Photos from SPRAY.

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