Let Ladies Lead: These Incredible Women Are Changing Industries

On International Women’s Month, we celebrate the notable work of these women across different fields.

Oh, what a time it is to be a woman. Breaking new ground and hitting confident strides, the woman has indeed come a very long way from how history and society have long relegated them. Fully coming into their own and having a firm grasp on their innate power, the future of the female has truly become a reality. No longer a footnote in the story of the world, finally the woman has become her own headline, dictating her narrative in a space that is all her.

Buckling down to the movers and shakers of society, we soon realize that in every industry, there are women whose creative minds bring innovative concepts that shape and make a positive impact on the lives of many. They are not only beautiful and hardworking; they break stereotypes about women as well, proving they can exceed expectations and be inspiring figures. We bring you these women of power and influence whose remarkable work is making waves in industries.

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(Photo from Hannah’s Instagram)

Hannah Yulo

Hannah’s career includes being a jet-setting, esteemed Chief Finance Officer in the real estate industry. With a tenacious work ethic, it is no surprise that she is now a successful Chief Investment Officer in Double Dragon Properties, Corp. The firm is quickly climbing on the ladder through its market capitalization sector, as Double Dragon is among the top companies in the Philippines Stock Exchange. Among Hannah’s major projects is raising funds for City Malls that bring a modern take on the commerce of municipalities like Kalibo and Zamboanga.

(Photo from Stenie’s Instagram)

Stephanie Coyiuto

With an affinity for the arts, after having dabbled into painting, fine art, and photography, Stephanie Coyiuto, together with her husband, developed Casa Bella Home & Living. The company’s status is quickly reaching the top of the home furniture and design industry. With the success of Casa Bella, Stephanie brings another exciting venture, Fig and Vine Floral Studio. While they only cater to small events, what thrills her about it is its concept as a school, teaching people to do floral arrangements. Under her leadership, these businesses are reaching greater heights.

(Photo from The Olive Tree Philippines’ Instagram)

Kyla Olives

Branching out from her parents’ Casa Kyla Inc., Kyla took over as the Creative Director of The Olive Tree, a company selling home linens and accessories. Through her creative approach, the brand has gained fame over the years with tasteful, vibrant designs inspired by tropical images, tribal tattoos, and folklore in the Philippines. With her ideas, Kyla is promoting the country’s rich culture and the fascinating stories of Filipinos.

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(Photo from BioBalance Wellness Institute)

Hindy Weber

After working as a private label designer over the past years, Hindy turned to advocate for producing ethically-produced, sustainable apparel. The biodynamic farmer and wellness advocate created Hindy Weber Every.Day, a ready-to-wear clothing line made of organic, reusable, and biodegradable materials. This is her response to fast fashion, a significant initiative in the industry.

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(Photo from Maria’s Instagram)

Maria Parsons

A creative mind seems to be among the traits Maria inherited from her mother who loves the arts. Together with her childhood friends, Maria conceptualized Lanai, a lifestyle store concept. With her fondness for tending to gardens, she is in charge of the flower shop of Lanai. The store naturally expanded into events styling, a perfect path to take with their famed floral arrangements services.

(Photo from Jess’ Instagram)

Jess Kienle

Jessica is most known as the head designer for Philux, the local furniture store her family owns. Yet last year, she co-founded and introduced SPRAY PH, the safe and fast tanning solution. The automated tanning spray features a state-of-the-art technology to tan the skin in only under four minutes and without exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. This solution further promotes the love for all types of skin color.

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(Photo from Cherrie’s Instagram)

Cherrie Atilano

Agriculture remains the most important sector in the country. With Cherrie’s establishment of AGREA, it is a significantly positive change for farmers. The company supports Filipino farmers and others interested in boosting the sector through educational programs. Zero-hunger and zero waste are among AGREA’s visions. Recently, Cherrie became the high-level ambassador to the United Nation’s Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement. Through this, she can influence policies and implementation to eliminate malnutrition across the globe.

(Photo from Sara’s Instagram)

Sara Black

While known for being a photographer for beauty editorials and advertising, Sara is also a certified yoga instructor. In Live Awake Philippines, a wellness meditation community, she mounted ‘Reconnect With Your Nature Retreat.’ It is a yoga retreat that “yoke together the mind, the body, and spirit.” It redefines what it means to remain at peace amid the hustle and bustle of life.

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(Photo from Kat’s Instagram)

Kat Razon

The portfolio of Kat encompasses several fields like entertainment, education, and business. Though she is hands-on with her venture capital firm, KSR Ventures, she also engages in her interests like music. She spins as a DJ, goes digging for vintage records and rare vinyl, and attends concerts. She turned this passion for music into business as the director of the Wonderfruit Festival, a music and wellness event.

(Photo from Pressreader)

Lisa Ongpin-Periquet

Having descended from a family with a natural inclination to art, it is no surprise for Lisa to harness a similar passion. Establishing Art in the Park in Makati, an annual event gathering art collectors, galleries, and art spaces, she has made visual art accessible to the public. Seven years later, Lisa became among the founders of Art Fair Philippines. It is the premier and biggest exhibit of art lovers in the country. These two giant initiatives are undoubtedly a pivotal turn in the art landscape.

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