Fresh Out Of Fashion Inspiration? Let These Discerning Women Of Style Show You How It's Done On Instagram

Get inspired by these figures in the fashion industry on how to look your elegant best

With the inception and unequaled popularity of social media platforms, particularly Instagram, it has become easier for anyone, from aspiring models, style icons, and designers to post their work or share their life moments for everyone to see. A simple scroll through their feed reveals everything, dressing up for brunch dates, dinners, and galas, which no longer is limited to of-the-moment trends.

Compelling us to get in-tune with our creative spirits and inject our taste in what we wear while feeling comfortable, these style icons and enthusiasts are setting the standard on how to express one’s true self, all while making the social media platform work to their stylish advantage.

For a fashion resuscitation, see and follow these discerning figures in the fashion industry who continue to inspire us.

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Nikki Huang

Beyond writing for a national publication and promoting ecotourism as a member of the World Wide Fund Philippines National Youth Council, Nikki passionately dabbles in the world of fashion. A glance at her Instagram feed shows her fondness for brave, bold choices that match her compelling beauty. A muse to young designer Chris Nick, whose creations perfectly match Nikki’s style, it becomes clear how she has her affinity for the classics, such as dark color palettes and tailored lines, give us a glimpse of who she is. Planning to dress up in the glamour of old Hollywood or the elegance of Paris? Better check Nikki’s feed for inspiration first.

Ria Prieto

The multi-talented editor, blogger, and creative consultant is well-known for her curated choices, which ranges from beauty and style advice. Under the handle riarecommends, Ria Prieto is able to share the latest trends, as well as her valued thoughts on fashion and beauty that readers have come to love. If you want to be at your best, simply keep tabs on what Ria recommends.

Apples Aberin

It goes without saying that it is a must for every fashion enthusiast to know and follow the ever-chic veteran model, Apples Aberin. Although now focused as the Public Relations head of a global company, she never fails to impress and stun everyone she meets with her beauty and subdued style. From commanding in minimalist silhouettes to muted tones, Apples can easily turn heads with her choice of relaxed or ready-to-live-life ensembles.

Jackie Go

A quintessential representation of the modern Filipina, Jackie Go is able to take on different roles as an entrepreneur, a lifestyle blogger, a model, and as a mother. Fulfilling each with passion and optimism, you can see all those through a simple scroll in her Instagram feed filled with lovely family photos alternated with snaps of her elegant, effortless fashion style. Ranging from classic, versatile pieces to casual chic outfits, Jackie can certainly pull off any look with ease and grace.

Melissa Gatchalian

The creative mind behind the blog Sartorial Panda, Melissa translates her enthusiasm for style through her works as a graphic designer and a lifestyle blogger. Harnessing a perpetual Paris-in-summer theme on her Instagram feed, you can get ideas on which pieces to wear for an alluring and youthful look in muted tones.

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Forbidden City πŸŒƒ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

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Who doesn’t know Bryanboy? Known in the international and local fashion industry, and a regular in social events, one of the pioneering forces in fashion blogging has become a standard in the industry. Having made a name for himself through his eponymous blog, the famed influencer can be seen attending Fashion Week events and partnering with luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. With Bryanboy’s unique and impeccable style, it is no wonder he reached the status of a superstar in the world of fashion.

Patricia Prieto

The creative mind behind the local clothing line Paradigma, Patricia is also a content creator and a cycling instructor at Electric Studio. Through her blog, “It’s Paradigma”, and her Instagram feed, you can see her affinity towards wearing relaxed and leisurely pieces that carry a certain edge to them. For young multi-hyphenates in the making like Patricia, you can certainly get style ideas from this always-on-the-go woman.

Kelly Misa

Having graced numerous local magazine covers and print and online features, Kelly Misa is indeed a familiar face in the beauty and fashion industry. Also known for recommending makeup tips, a scroll through her Instagram feed shows her preference for dressing up as well. In her travels with her friends and family, Kelly wears elegant ensembles with the occasional touch of muted prints. With her style, you may get ideas on how to pair and mix up minimalist pieces.

Winnie Wong

The lifestyle blogger is known for her advocacy for simplicity in life, a stark contrast to the mentality of “having more.” In exploring different cities both in and out of the country, she constantly shares insights learned, making fit compelling content. Engaging in her digital space, one cannot help but notice her taste for smart yet sophisticated pieces like crisp blazers, slacks, and jumpsuits. For women like Winnie who are on-the-go, you can get ideas on how to always look your best–whether at work or in your leisure travel.

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Aryanna Epperson

The wit and charm of the young MTV VJ and vlogger can easily capture anyone’s attention. Apart from her knowledge on topics like beauty, fashion, art, and travel, Aryanna is best remembered for her playful style. Whether she combines vibrant pieces with delightful or eccentric prints, the ensembles come out eye-catching, perfect for those wanting to liven up their mood.

Steph Kienle

The distinctive and elegant contemporary pieces of Philux can be attributed to the creative minds of its heads, one of which is Steph. Her compelling beauty matched with her impeccable fashion sense makes for a true style icon. While her Instagram feed is filled with moments from daily life and travels with family, you can easily notice her fondness for pairing seemingly different pieces. However, once she has worn them together, you can see the beautiful style as a whole, making it unique and distinct to her.

Nicole Andersson

The well-known content creator and recently, the host of a lifestyle channel’s show on giving people a holistic life makeover, Nicole is all about sharing her knowledge and experiences, especially in fashion and beauty. In her social media posts, one can easily identify her signature feminine style. Whether she dons on floral dresses and sheer tops in bold hues or prints in subdued colors, Nicole is definitely a must-follow style icon.

Janeena Chan

The TV presenter and lifestyle content creator is a familiar name in the entertainment and fashion industry. With several awards under her belt attributed to her wit, vibrant personality, and a strong sense of style, Janeena is certainly worth following. Her personal fashion leans more into the feminine look of mixing textures, patterns, and silhouettes. Take a scroll through her Instagram posts for inspiration. Trust us when we say it is a real delight, seeing the playful variety in her style ensembles.

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