These Style Enthusiasts Commit To These Fashion Resolutions This Year

As the fashion industry shifted with the pandemic, so is the personal commitment to sustainable fashion choices.

The impact of the pandemic left many reflecting on their choices in life—be it in their career, relationships, and well-being. Even industries like fashion were no exception, with designers and giant fashion houses modifying their approach and presentations. Naturally, style enthusiasts were affected as well. Rissa Mananquil Trillo and Jackie Go talk about their insights and their fashion resolutions this year. Like many others, they are committing to better decisions brought upon by the awareness during this pandemic.

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Jackie Go.

Quality over quantity

Before the pandemic, there was no stopping the desire to own the latest pieces from top luxury brands or your favorite designers. Shopping is a guilty pleasure for some, gathering a variety of apparel to mix and match. However, the pandemic changed this, with people beginning to realize what they presently have is the most essential. “[Don’t] confuse success with excess,” says Rissa, sharing one of her realizations during this pandemic. “Minimalism is not about having less. It’s about making room for what matters.”

Jackie echoes a similar sentiment, “I don’t necessarily have to shop to sustain my sense of style. While I’m still lusting over a piece or two from the latest collection of my [favorite] designers, if anything, it has prompted me to be more appreciative of what I already have.” She admits going through her closet and finding pieces she hasn’t worn or she has initially saved for social gatherings. Like Jackie, other style enthusiasts may have encountered the same experience recently. Her discovery led to a newfound enthusiasm for dressing up with the pieces she has, especially now when there are no social affairs to attend.

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Rissa Mananquil Trillo.

Crafting boundaries

The devastating impact of the pandemic left no room for excess. People are learning to cherish what they have and to keep only what is necessary. Jackie began this commitment, a stark difference from the appetite to keep shopping pre-pandemic. “I challenged myself not to shop for any clothes up until I’ve worn all of the clothes in my closet,” she shares.

Having recently relocated to Dubai, there is an urge to shop especially with pieces she can’t find in the country. However, she keeps herself in control. “The trick is, I do a mental check of the pieces I already have. If it’s similar to the one I want, I’d just try it on (if I’m at the store) and take a photo.” She clarifies seeing herself in the ensemble already satiates the desire to purchase it. She has been successful so far and intends to keep it this way.

Such a fashion resolution is inspiring to do for oneself, especially for style enthusiasts who crave to own only the newest pieces. As Rissa emphasizes, it is all about focusing on quality, on what one needs. “More importantly, let’s shop local and also normalize repeating clothes because it is never fashionable to look good at the expense of the planet.”

(Photo from Alyssa Strohman)

Apart from cushioning the pandemic’s impact, these inspiring resolutions can help make the necessary changes the fashion industry needs. Although these are individual choices, the more people, especially those of influence commit to such goals, the more the fashion world will positively change after the pandemic.

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