Get to Know These Young Filipino Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses

No matter the industry, these young men and women carve their own paths to success

With a multitude of successful businesses in the country, aspiring entrepreneurs have many figures they look up to and get inspired by. While some of these CEOs and leaders received the legacy from their family and continue to grow the empire, others came from humble beginnings and work to develop their founded companies. We have listed down some of these young Filipino entrepreneurs who excel in their respective fields. Through their creative minds, passion, and determination, they are turning their businesses into promising legacies.

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(Photo from Business World)

Earl Patrick Forlales and Zahra Halabisaz Zanjani

Who would have thought bamboos can be materials to build houses? Earl and Zahra founded Cubo to help resolve the country’s issues on housing. In only under four hours, a bamboo housing unit can be built, inspired by the bamboo huts of the previous generations. The company aims to provide affordable and secure houses for low-income Filipino families.

(Photo from Georgianna’s Instagram)

Georgianna Carlos

The co-founder and CEO of Fetch! Naturals was listed in Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 in 2019. Georgianna noticed the use of heavy chemicals in common pet care products. Thus, she turned to using natural ingredients for its premium brand. With this focus on sustainability, Fetch! Naturals are gradually changing the pet care industry.

Aiala Valdovino and Isabel Sicat. (Photo from Grove Journal)

Isabel Sicat and Aiala Valdovino

These two creative minds developed Toqa, a project that promotes and features sustainable high fashion. Every material used for each collection comes from raw materials like deadstock or fabrics no longer in production. The designs reflect tropical islands, evocative of the place and reflective of the beautiful yet fleeting moments in life.

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(Photo from Forbes)

Stephanie Sy

The CEO of Thinking Machines has built a groundbreaking company in the science and engineering industry. Through AIs or Artificial Intelligence systems, Filipinos can learn and develop their skills amid the fast-moving global technology world. Among the accomplishments of the data-science startup was translating the data of Waze to tackle Manila traffic.

(Photo from A Piece of Cake Book PH)

Miko Aspiras

The man behind Tasteless Group that owns dessert ventures like Scout’s Honor and Le Petite Souffle, Miko is truly an inspiring figure in the culinary industry. He initially didn’t need to leave the country to achieve success especially in coming up with food concepts and honing his avant-garde pastry skills. Recently, he moved to Hilton Sydney where he now works as the executive pastry chef. Yet he still helps out in guiding chefs and managing the marketing initiatives of the businesses he left in the country.

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(Photo from Seph’s Instagram)

Seph Bagasao

Having featured in several shows like the Amazon Fashion Week, Seph is gaining fame in the local and international fashion industry with his BAGASÁO. The fashion brand crafts and designs contemporary, gender-fluid apparel and accessories. With an eye for sophisticated pieces, Seph is on the way to cementing his name in the style landscape.

(Photo from Cris’ Instagram)

Cris Cu and Tristan Seisa

More than the daughter of a telecom giant, Cris started the initiative Hyperlocal Farms together with Tristan. The company grows and delivers the freshest, organic greens right on anyone’s doorstep. The startup is slowly finding its way in the agricultural industry, focusing on using sustainable means to promote healthy living.

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