It Is But A Number: Meet the Graceful and Ageless Women of Today

These stunning women show how true beauty comes from within and transcends age, easily reflecting on their features and demeanor.

It has been uttered by discerning figures across industries that true beauty comes from within. It is only among the many efforts to debunk the concept of beauty and overthrow stereotypes and standards. While the essence of beauty varies from one person to another, framing it to be subjective, there is no doubt about certain individuals who exude radiance from the inside out that makes them exceptionally good-looking. Of course, beauty does not necessarily equate to youth; it has evolved into many forms and among them is the kind that transcends age. We have listed down some of these dazzling women whose character, confidence, elegant style, and meaningful lives make them truly stand out.

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(Photo from Salome’s Instagram)

Salome Uy

While the entrepreneur naturally carries a friendly demeanor, easily drawing others to her, one could not help but admire her sense of style as well. She considers herself to be fearless when it comes to putting together outfits. From strongly feminine dresses to denim flared jeans, Salome is never afraid to mix pieces up. The confidence she exudes with her bold and playful style is only among the qualities that make her beautiful.

(Photo from Margie’s Instagram)

Margie Moran-Floirendo

Beauty, grace, intelligence, and a kind heart are what commonly define the woman winning the title of Miss Universe and Margie is all these and more. As the President of Ballet Philippines and Chair of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Margie remains committed to promoting the beauty in Filipino art forms. Her work is truly admirable and inspiring, as expected of the second woman to win the Miss Universe crown in 1973.

Margie Moran and Maricris Zobel. (Photo from Tessa Prieto)

Maricris Zobel

The former model has undergone many significant changes in her life. From a doting mother to her five children to a proud and a stunning grandmother, Maricris has always shown enthusiasm and devotion to their growing family. She reveals how happy she is with her life, especially with how tending to her own tropical garden contributes to this peace. Her joy and contentment definitely show on her features. She may look youthful yet carrying the wisdom of being a wife and a mother over the years.

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(Photo from Baro at Saya)

Anne Marie Saguil

The founder of artisanal brands AMARIE and Violet Vine remains elegant as she pursues her fashion endeavors. Through her work, she is able to reach out and help local artisans. Their work boosts indigenous fabrics and textiles, and of course, Filipino talent and craftsmanship. With her passion to promote Filipino culture, she touches the lives of many, showing true beauty from the inside out.

(Photo from Joy’s Instagram)

Joy Rustia

Looking at the range of the entrepreneur’s ensembles, one would already expect Joy to carry the title of being among the Best Dressed Women in the Philippines in 2015. With a sophisticated taste, she and her husband Joel created Madison Galeries, a unique lifestyle mall. She reflects her affinity for the finest things in life by throwing exceptional parties. At the same time, she never forgets to share life’s blessings through charities and advocacies, making Joy’s kind and beautiful heart reflect on the outside.

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(Photo by MJ Suayan)

Suzette Ayson

Like the exquisite brand she founded, JMA Jewelry, Suzette exudes radiance in every way. Apart from letting her choice of accessories direct her daily ensemble, she makes it a point to take care of her body. Having fresh fruits and greens as part of her diet is essential, together with going on night walks. With this practice, she is able to maintain a beautiful glow as she faces work and meets with people for collaborations that gradually elevate JMA Jewelry to its status at present.

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(Photo by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100)

Pinky Tobiano

No matter who she is with, Pinky radiates infectious positive energy. She appreciates and enjoys what life has to offer and shares it with others. This is done through Pinky Cares Foundation or events like celebrating her 50th birthday with Haven for the Elderly. She never gets tired of engaging with and helping out different people. These only reflect the confident and beautiful heart she has within.

Fernando Zobel and Kit Zobel.

Kit Zobel

The ever-elegant Kit harnesses a beautiful heart, reaching out to help people in need. Among them are the recent victims of the Taal volcanic eruption. Yet her main work is reaching out to the youth through the Ayala Foundation’s Centre for Excellence. She has a similar vision with her husband, Fernando Zobel, in allowing underprivileged children to have quality education. These initiatives make Kit an inspiring figure, her admirable qualities showing from within.

(Photo by MJ Suayan)

Cris Albert

The CEO and President of FILA Philippines has always been a show-stopper with her quirky style ensembles. From athleisure to regal-looking formal dresses at evening affairs, Cris never fails to stun people. After all, the esteemed Mark Bumgarner is among her favorite designers. Together with her style and remarkable work handling the sports brand, Cris is a force to be reckoned with in business.

(Photo from Bilyonaryo)

Marianne Po

Marianne has a purpose-driven life, living it to the fullest with her good friends. She is among the Board of Directors of Hands On Manila. It is a non-government organization aiming to redefine the program of ‘volunteerism’ for employees of corporations. Through Marianne’s work and with her love for her tight-knit family, she proves that having a kind and grateful heart and willingness to help is one of the secrets to remaining beautiful inside and out.

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