Ahead of the Holiday Season, Practice Mindful Spending

Start adopting these practical financial habits now, and soon, you’ll be thriving with a purposeful and financially secure lifestyle in time for Christmas

The “bad” news is: there’s less than 100 days until Christmas. As for the good news, there’s more than enough time to break your bad money habits and form new ones, with the former taking an average of 30 to 60 days and the latter approximately 66 days. To speed along the process, heed the advice of renowned finance experts Randell Tiongson and Mariel Bitanga and tap into a multitude of opportunities with an EastWest Bank Visa Platinum credit card. There’s no better time than the holiday season to develop financial habits that are both joyful and thoughtful.

Embrace financial clarity

With an EastWest Visa Platinum credit card, auto-charging your utility bills and consolidating credit card payments are now possible

Setting the foundation for a stress-free holiday begins with a comprehensive understanding of your current financial landscape. “Financial worries can lead to poor mental health and productivity,” Mariel Bitanga, financial planner and founder of Simply Finance, says in an interview, encouraging early planning to avert the dreaded January financial blues.

This means knowing your exact income, expenses, savings, loans, retirement contributions, investments, and all your other financial activities. The key to make tracking more manageable, according to Bitanga, is to find a system that works for you—this can look like making spreadsheets, using Notion budgeting templates, or turning to mobile budgeting apps like Spendee, Monefy, or Goodbudget.

Once you’re on top of your current financial situation, keep tabs by scheduling regular account checkups. That way, you’re aware of every place your money comes into and goes out of at any given time. For Visa Platinum credit cardholders, EastWest Bank offers the convenience of auto-charging your utility bills and consolidating credit card payments through its Quick Bills and Balance Transfer features to simplify account management. You can also link your Visa Platinum credit card to the EastWest Pay app to easily monitor your spending. Moreover, utility bills charged to your EastWest Visa Platinum credit card can earn you a best-in-class 8.88 percent cashback.

Align your finances with your lifestyle

Every purchase is a stepping stone to your next rewarding experience

Establishing good spending habits means setting hard rules. For instance, if you catch yourself about to make an impulse buy, drop it in the virtual cart or wishlist instead. Take a moment to think about that item—a few weeks or even months—before you make the decision to checkout.

Another way is to set aside a small portion of your income every month for guiltless spending. Finance coach Randell Tiongson explains on his website, “A lot of people who are [just] starting to budget feel guilty every time they spend money on a want and not on a need, even if they’re already putting money toward savings and investments.” He notes that saving for the future does not mean you can’t enjoy things. “As long as you don’t exceed that limit, you don’t have to feel bad about your purchase,” he adds. Additionally, aligning your financial goals with your lifestyle serves as a motivating factor to help you stay committed to your plan.

With EastWest Visa Platinum, spending becomes guilt-free and rewarding, because you get the most value out of every penny you spend. Go on a shopping spree with a best-in-class 8.88 percent* cashback rate on your favorite categories, including in-store and online department stores, restaurants, food delivery apps, and even fuel. For the rest of the categories, enjoy 0.3 percent* cashback. Every purchase is a stepping stone to your next rewarding experience.

Maximize your credit card

Take advantage of exclusive discounts, rewards, and privileges

In the spirit of aligning your finances with your lifestyle, EastWest Bank opens up a world of exclusive discounts, rewards, and privileges for Visa Platinum credit cardholders. Boost your Trunc.ph and ZALORA shopping adventures with enticing discounts and take advantage of the zero interest for installment purchases at Rustan’s, SM, and Robinsons Department Store.

If you prioritize aesthetics and well-being, Shinagawa offers up to 60 percent off on Lasik Eye Services and Laser Hair Removal Services, on top of its zero interest on installment. Then, to take your wellness journey up a notch, book a relaxing retreat at Twin Lakes Hotel. The sweeping views of Lake Taal will be waiting until the end of October. A little farther on the map, there is the Savoy Hotel in Boracay, with exclusive offers such as ten percent off on promo rates, 15 percent off on F&B except in-room dining, and 15 percent on spa services. If your mind is already floating far away, say beyond the country’s borders, make use of your EastWest credit card to get up to seven percent off on Agoda hotel bookings worldwide. This is on top of the 8.88 percent cashback on travel-related spending such as airline fare, hotels, transportation, and vehicle rentals. EastWest Visa Platinum credit card is your gateway to a fulfilling and exhilarating holiday experience.

Apply for EastWest’s Visa Platinum credit card through the website or ESTA, the EastWest System Tech Assistant, and get PHP 5,000 bonus cashback upon reaching your first PHP 10,000 retail spend within two (2) months from card activation date.

*8.88 percent cashback is subject to a monthly cap of PHP 1,250. Terms and conditions apply. Visit EastWest Visa Platinum features for more information.

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