Decade of Meaning: Aivee and Z Teo On The Future of Dermatology

In a span of ten years, Drs. Aivee and Z Teo developed the Aivee Clinic into a lifestyle company upholding integrity and authenticity. It may not have been their original intention to practice medicine. Yet when they found themselves working in the industry, they realized their interest in dermatology and how it fits their personalities. “It takes a certain kind of personality to like it,” Z shares. Thus, when they started and grew Aivee Clinic, it fulfilled their passion for dermatology and their partnership. “One of the things that really connected us was that we both like building and doing things together,” Aivee says.

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Dermatology and iPhones

Though the two doctors are happy with the fruits of their hard work, they know it is not enough reason to be comfortable. They have to keep training and improving their practice. After all, the dermatology and aesthetics industry is ever-evolving. Similar to the development of iPhones, the clinic’s specialties must always be up-to-date. “I always tell everyone that the field of dermatology is faster than iPhones,” Z explains. “In the past, it used to be facials, diamond peels, and acne. But if you just do that now your practice won’t survive.” Thus, Aivee Clinic introduced different specialties to meet trends and the ever-changing needs of patients. Z adds, “It has worked well for us because patients like it that we are kind of holistic in a sense and not just one-dimensional.”

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The luxury in dermatology

In the dermatology and aesthetics industry, it is not simply about fulfilling the needs and expectations of patients. For the two well-known doctors, empathizing with them is essential. Aivee explains, “We wanted a clinic that felt like home for the patient, or a beautiful hotel. We want the patient to feel pampered, and we were the pioneers of that when we first started.”

In building this doctor-patient relationship over the years, they eventually earned respect from loyal patients and even other people. That is why, they make sure to uphold the highest standards of integrity, authenticity, vision, and excellence in their practice. Through these, “You can see the happiness in our patients and the friendships we foster,” Aivee says.

Read the full cover story of Drs. Aivee and Z Teo in Lifestyle Asia’s September 2019 Edition, titled “Visionaries In Their Own Right.” 

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