LA Voice: Dr. Aivee Teo On Bringing Out Authentic Beauty

This article features snippets of the full story written by Dr. Aivee Teo for Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition titled, “The Essence of Beauty.”

There is a widely held notion that being beautiful is about physical beauty which others can admire. I think this notion comes from a need to be affirmed. However, we do not need the approval of people to regard ourselves well. Allowing other people’s opinions to define our worth can only lead to unhappiness.

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Dr. Aivee Teo. (Photographed by Marc Nicdao)

Nurturing inner beauty

While being a dermatologist is about helping people enhance outer beauty, I encourage my patients to think beyond appearances. Accepting ourselves, with our flaws, and limitations can help us towards achieving peace within and consequently, happiness. These will radiate from inside us and affect our outer countenance.

It is my hope that the next generation will develop healthy self-esteem and self-worth, that they become more courageous than we are, able to face every day with a smile on their faces. My husband Z and I are raising our children to be confident, to appreciate their strengths and merits, not to listen to negativity, and to always strive for goodness. Looking out for others is part of the inner beauty that we are nurturing within them.

Read the full article of Dr. Aivee Teo on Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition titled, “The Essence of Beauty.” 

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